Saturday, April 07, 2007

Anna Nicole's Sex with Vegas Magic Man

Anna Nicole's Rough Sex With Vegas Magic Man.

ANNA NICOLE once Pleasured an illusionist backstage after a show in Las Vegas, while her then-boyfriend LARRY BIRKHEAD and companion HOWARD K. STERN waited feet away.

Magician STEVE WYRICK was stunned when the busty blonde dragged him into a dark corner to perform oral sex on him after he levitated her for a segment of her reality TV show.

Wyrick, 36, tells America's Star magazine the encounter, following a show at the Aladdin Resort & Casino, started off harmless enough with Anna Nicole flirting with him but then things got hot and heavy when she "pulled me to a dark part of the backstage area."

The illusionist recalls, "She unzipped my pants and started giving me oral sex.

We had microphone belt packs on - it was all being recorded. Afterwards we walked out to centre stage and everyone was looking at us. I'm sure they all heard us - including Howard and Larry."

Wyrick claims his magical moment with Anna Nicole didn't end there - they had rough sex two hours later when the tragic model visited him in his hotel suite.