Friday, October 31, 2008

Daniel Craig was lucky to see me naked: Gemma Arterton

Actress Gemma Arterton, who features in the new Bond movie "Quantum Of Solace" as Agent Field, says Daniel Craig was lucky to have a sex scene with her in the film. reports the 22-year-old saying, "There are not many people I would strip off for. Daniel was a very lucky boy to see me naked."

But she had a tough time filming the scene.

She said, "I was naked on the bed and they poured gunge all over me. I had to stay like that for three hours.

"I couldn't see and I could hardly breathe, it was horrible. But it was worth it because I knew it would look amazing."

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gwen Stefani: Here’s My Baby Zuma!

Here’s the very first official photo of No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani and her second son, Zuma Rossdale, 2 months.

No Doubt’s official website just posted this message: “We wanted to share with you the first photo of Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale. Gwen, Gavin, Kingston and Zuma are all doing well and enjoying being a party of four.”

Zuma, weighing in at 8.5 lbs, was born at at 12:46 PST on August 21, 2008.

Soooooooooooooooo cute BABY!

Victoria Beckham to strip for 12 million pounds

Former Spice Girls singer Victoria Beckham will strip for a high profile ad campaign for Giorgio Armani for a 12 million pound deal - she will feature in her underwear in the advertisement and her hubby can't wait to see the first shots. reports that her husband, football star David Beckham, had months back posed for the same range and that time Victoria was quite proud of the ad.

A close friend of the singer said, "Victoria adored David's underwear campaign, not least because it was quite raunchy. She always used to laugh with her girlie pals about David's bulging packet on bill-boards and how proud she was.

"So she just jumped at the chance to follow suit and be involved in a similar campaign - and it will probably be just as sexy. David can't wait to see the first shots of his wife in her undies."

Another source close to her added, "Victoria is very much aware there is a limited shelf life for any woman as to how long they can model, let alone model underwear.

"She is over the moon and extremely flattered to be the face and body of such a high-profile advertising campaign."

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Christina Aguilera to Debut New Video on the Web

Now that TRL is ending its 10-year run on MTV, Christina Aguilera is taking to the Web to premiere her new music video for her hit single, "Keeps Gettin' Better," on Monday afternoon.

The singer, 27, chose, a social music Web site and Facebook application, to release her new video. In it, Aguilera travels through time – and costumes – to the present day.

"I really enjoyed making the video," Aguilera says. "Being an artist who likes to play around with different looks, it was a lot of fun to portray various characters within the same shoot."

The song will be featured on her greatest hits CD, which includes 10 of her best singles and another brand new song, "Dynamite." It will be available exclusively at Target stores on Nov. 11.

Sarah Palin’s sexiness lies in her undies and bra, says look-alike Porn Star!

The sexy Sarah Palin look-alike porn movie star, Lisa Ann, has speculated that the original vice-presidential nominee’s sex quotient lies in her sexy underwear and bra.

In an interview to, the Pennsylvania-born brunette said that the Palin’s most likely wears a “really cool sexy panty with a nice matching bra.”

The busty beauty, stars in the porn take on Palin, called “Who’’s Nailin” Paylin?”

“I think she probably feels in power by having something sexy on underneath . . . (She’’s) attractive, and she puts her sexiness out there, the New York Post quoted Ann as saying.

Lisa also claimed that she was all set with a holiday surprise for her lusty pals.

“I”m planning on giving [the video] to all of my pro-McCain friends for Christmas, she said.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Lindsay Lohan Ugly on Betty

Apparently it got so ugly on the set of Ugly Betty that Lindsay Lohan's guest appearance has been cut from six episodes to four.

The New York Post quotes a source from the show as saying, "It was a mess. Lindsay would show up every day with an entourage of people. She smoked 24/7, and after she left, they had to repaint her dressing room it was such a mess." The article quotes a Lohan pal refuting this. LiLo's rep kept it simple, "Lindsay was scheduled for six episodes and is appearing in four but had a lovely time."

Guy Ritchie accused Madonna of Scheduling Sex round Gym

Guy Ritchie has apparently claimed that his marriage to Madonna took the tumble when the singer began scheduling their sex life in her diary, adjusting it after her workout sessions.

The 40-year-old reportedly revealed that Madonna regulated her life with such a strict routine that she had even started planning their private moments well in advance.

The Brit director claimed he was put off from spending time with his wife since she chose to prioritise her fixation with the exercising routines and Kabbalah religion.

"With her time being so precious to her, and with there being more important things to her like spending three of four hours in the gym every day, it become just another thing in the diary,” the Daily Telegraph quoted a source, as telling the Daily Mail.

“In the last couple of years, it was all schemed into the diary. Guy of course felt this a tremendous turn-off to be at the same level of importance as, for example, her gym sessions and kabbalah meetings. As a consequence, their sex life died more than a year ago.

"It is no exaggeration to say that they had not shared a bed in a year when the divorce was announced. And when the sex died for them, the marriage was doomed,” the source added.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Dealing with nude pictures on Internet was truamatic: Vanessa

Vanessa Hudgens, star of "High School Musical", says it was a traumatic experience when her nude pictures surfaced on the Internet but family and friends helped her to deal with it.

Although she doesn't regret it, Hudgens confessed she learnt some difficult lessons from the incident, reports

She said, "I think that everything happens for a reason and I wouldn't take back anything I've done. I don't like talking about it because it was something that was meant to be private and I'd still like to keep it as private as I can.

"It was very traumatic and I was extremely upset it happened, but I wouldn't have been able to get through it if it wasn't for my family, friends and fans who supported me all the way."

She was just 18 when the risqué pics appeared of her posing naked and in skimpy lingerie. She had to apologise to fans and was almost removed from the cast of the movie "High School Musical".

She called her decision "lapse of judgment."

Hudgens, now 19, added, "I feel that I'm growing up and I'm learning. I'm in control of what's happening next. At times it's been hard, but I feel so lucky to be where I'm at now."

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gisele Bundchen bares all for charity ad

Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen has bared all for an ad campaign to save the Atlantic Forest.

In the ad, Bundchen is photographed standing naked in a forest, donning some strategically placed foliage to cover her modesty and crossing her hands to cover her breasts.

She also posed topless for the cover page of this month's American Photo magazine, reports.

Her boyfriend Tom Brady, who plays for the American Football team New England Patriots, doesn't seem to mind her posing in these sexy shoots. In fact the two are set to be married soon. They are planning to hold their wedding reception at New York's Tavern on the Green.

Bundchen once dated Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Angelina concerned about Maddox seeing her Sexy pictures

Angelina Jolie is concerned that her eldest son Maddox, 8, who is now old enough to use the internet, will soon come across sexy pictures of her.

"He will look up my name and see some kind of sexy pictures or read a story about himself that isn't true. There's a lot we're going to have to explain to them about how public their family is," the 33-year-old Changeling star told the New York Times in an interview.

The inevitability notwithstanding, Jolie and partner Brad Pitt are enjoying their parenting experience.

Jolie says she would like to add her film Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) to the list of nearly three dozen movies that her children have seen because "not a lot of people get to see a movie where their parents fell in love."

"What's going to be funny is when they think Mom and Dad are a little bit cool," she added. "Because right now, we're not cool Mom and Dad."

"Even video games, you know, it's, 'Mom, you can't play this. You won't know how.' Oh, they all think I can't do anything, that I'm just there to snuggle with. But the other day Madd said, 'Can you do a cartwheel?' And I said, 'Yeah, I can.' And he was like, 'Wow, Mom.' And I thought: 'Oh, yeah. I can do some things. You wait. You'll find out. I'm capable.'"

Jolie reiterated her plans to adopt more children with Pitt.

"I mean, I know we seem crazy, just bringing them in one after the other, but we do plan. We make sure one is absorbed completely into the family before we add another. There are moments when we look at everyone around the dinner table, and it's just crazy, but our family is the greatest thing we've done in our lives."

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

David and Victoria Beckham`s Marriage on Rocks

Soccer ace David Beckham and his wife Victorias nine-year marriage is said to be going through a rough patch.

According to pals, the couple now spends so much time trying to keep their celebrity stock high that it is piling more pressure on their already-stretched relationship.

Davids England football ambitions and Poshs American dream means the couple is spending long periods apart and when they do get together, they seem even more glum than normal, pals added.

Earlier this month, the 33-year-old footballer admitted: We have quite a lot of pressure, honestly, as a couple.

Pals fear that turmoil over his desire to continue his England career could be the straw, which breaks the camels back.

According to sources, David is desperate to return to Europe but Posh is keen on staying in the States to fulfil her dreams.

The reason behind their gloom is Davids proposed loan deal with a top Italian or Spanish side this winter, sources claim.

David has to move back to Europe if he wants to continue to play international football, the Daily Star quoted a source, as saying.

Victoria still believes they can make it big in America, but she fears a move back to Europe could kill off their Hollywood future for ever, the source added.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Didn't Refuse to Have my Breast Enlarged For Poster: Keira

Actress Keira Knightley has denied Internet rumours that she refused to have her breasts digitally augmented for The Duchess promotional campaign, insisting that the subject never came up.

"I don't remember anybody telling me that they wanted to give a boob job to the poster, so I'm glad they didn't," Fox News quoted Knightley, as telling Pop Tart.

Knightley also said that off screen she doesn't feel the need for enhancing her chest and is very proud of it.

"I'd love to say that I was really strident and went 'absolutely not' if they'd asked to enhance my breasts. But I don't remember it ever coming up, which is rather nice," she said.

It has also been reported that Knightley was more than willing to set her hair ablaze for her act in the flick.

"I think the insurance people said, ''You've shot half the movie, and if she goes up in flames then we're not going to be able to finish it. So you're not allowed, So it is actually computer graphics," Knightley said.

Knightley, who is portraying the role of a mother in the flick, revealed that the motherly feeling didn't get on to her head.

"I don't want one (a child) thanks. I'm all right," she said with a laugh. "Never say never, but right now I'm fine. Thank you very much," she said.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Liz Hurley left many eyes popping at a charity

Elizabeth Hurley left many eyes popping when she appeared for a breast cancer awareness event wearing a bright pink strapless dress which barely concealed her modesty.

The 43-year-old star was appearing in Estee Lauder event raising awareness for breast cancer and posed with guards against the pink-lit backdrop of the 11th century White Tower of London.

The actress-turned-fashion designer was wearing a pink dress, giving a good view of her double assets.

And the look was finished off with silver sky-scraper heels and bouncy curls, reports The Telegraph.

Recently, Hurley’s much-publicised "Safety Pin” dress was voted the greatest red carpet gown of all time.

Liz is married to Indian businessman Arun Nayar.

The mother of one, who is renowned for her enormous self discipline when it comes to maintaining her size ten physique, has recently struggled to control her expanding curves.

A friend said, 'The fact is, she has to work like hell to look this way. If she has a proper lunch, she will just have a boiled egg for dinner. The pressure on her never stops.'

She said in April this year, 'I can't think of anything worse in the world than another bikini shoot — and I've got two next month.

'It's unbearable, and I bring it all on myself. I've got nobody else to blame. It's literally torture.

'But if you sign on for the gig, sadly, you have to go and be jolly in a skimpy white bikini. So I now rely on nice photographers, and a bit of retouching.'

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Salma Hayek Boobs Busting Out

Salma Hayek has been putting her clothes to the test to see if they can hold in her massive breasts. She is really just lovely and apparently loves showing off her fantastic cleavage. She’s been even more buxom since she gave birth to her 11-month-old daughter...

est of all, her boobs are real, at least that’s what most people say. I’ve read a few places that say she’s had implants, but I just don’t know about that. I’ve seen photos of her family and it seems to be a family trait. They fit her body type. I’m not sure it really matters that much. She obviously enjoys showing them off and people obviously enjoy that she enjoys showing them off.

Apparently, her French billionaire former boyfriend and baby daddy, François-Henri Pinault, enjoys them too. The two former lovers were said to have hooked up while she was in Europe the past couple of weeks. She was in Europe doing television appearances promoting immunizations for children. That’s why she was dressed up in a dirndl (traditional Bavarian dress) on the German television show Wetten Dass (Want to Bet That?). You can see her in the video below. She just about had a nip slip on the show, much to the delight of everyone there.

Just yesterday, she was filming an episode of 30 Rock in New York. She was wearing a bright orange dress cut down to her waist with cleavage hanging out everywhere. She had boobs busting out everywhere. Alec Baldwin was filming with her and from the photos seemed to be more than attentive to Hayek. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the cleavage, you know, he’s just such a nice guy and all.

Barack Obama makes Drew Barrymore Cry

Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore has revealed that she burst into tears when US Presidential candidate discussed gay issues.

Barrymore said that she ended up crying after listening to Obama's speech about the difficulties faced by a gay person in the present scenario.

"When I heard him speak about a gay person never having to sit outside the hospital room with their loved one sick inside, I burst into tears because so many people I care about are homosexual and it was profound to have someone be sensitive to that," US magazine quoted Barrymore, as telling Harper's Bazaar.

"That's the kind of world I want to live in, where we're not holding our own principles in judgement above someone or against someone," she added.

Barrymore, who has endorsed Barack in the Harper Bazaar's issue, seems to be pretty affected by the Democrat's speech.

"It's the first time I've really admitted I'm a Democrat," she said.

"McCain is a good person, and he does care, but he has voted against things that are shocking as far as people's liberties and economic choices," she added.