Friday, March 30, 2007

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox to Kiss in 'Dirt' Finale

Even if you like me haven't really watched "Dirt" since the first episode, tonight's season finale is worth checking out: It brings the long-awaited guest appearance by Jennifer Aniston and, of course, the much-discussed girl-on-girl kiss.

Aniston plays rival editor Tina Harrod to Cox's Lucy Spiller, and one TV reviewer suggests that Jen even upstages her "Friends" co-star. The preview for tonight's show, which airs at 10 p.m. EDT, looks pretty juicy. In one scene, Cox says "You and I were a one-time thing," and Aniston smiles coyly. To watch the promo,

Kelly Brook Boobs are Bit of a Novelty in California

Kelly Brook says Americans love her large natural breasts. The British actress - who has a home in Hollywood which she shares with her actor fiancé Billy Zane claims so many people in Los Angeles have fake Boobs they love seeing her real mammaries.

Kelly Brook said in an interview with Britain's FHM magazine: "My Boobs are a bit of a novelty in California "And they go mad for my teeth as well. None of them can believe someone from England can have white teeth."

The 'Smallville' star has also revealed although she and Billy prefer to spend as much of their time in their home in the English countryside, they do enjoy their glamorous life in Tinseltown.

Kelly said "We went to a barbecue at producer Lawrence Bender's place and everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Sylvester Stallone was there. "A Hollywood barbecue is nothing like an English one.

Hooters let Pamela Anderson Down

This has surely got to the first time Pamela Anderson has been turned away from Hooters.

The Baywatch Actress Pam Approached the chest-friendly restaurant chain about hosting a PETA party to front a book launch for the new release by the People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals’ boss DAN MATHEWS at their New York venue.

However the star's request was turned down for being 'Too political'.

A rep for the chain said: “PETA mobilises strong feelings on both sides of the fence. It wouldn’t make good business sense for us.”

The lobby group is now looking for somewhere else to hold the do to celebrate the publication of Committed: A Rabble Rouser’s Memoirs.

Dan says: “Hosting the book party would have showed that Hooters is rounded in more ways than one.”

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Drew Barrymore had lesbian Sex with a Magazine Editor

Drew Barrymore reportedly had lesbian sex with a magazine editor. Jane Pratt, the former editor of Jane magazine, claims she once had sex with the 'Music and Lyrics' actress.

Pratt who previously told US radio DJ Howard Stern she had slept with a woman Drew said on her new radio show: "It was someone famous. I did have sex with Drew Barrymore.
"One of my dreams is to return to Howard's show and tell him the truth about Drew Barrymore and me."

Drew who was the cover girl of the first ever issue of Jane magazine in 1997 - said in a recent interview with the publication: "I'm a sexual, free, (expletive) nudist little bird running around and a wood nymph when it comes to sexuality."

Pratt now has a four-year-old daughter with her long-term boyfriend Andrew Schaifer.

Jessica Alba didn't think her boobs were Big Enough for Erotic Dance

Jessica Alba didn't think she would land the part of an exotic dancer in hit movie 'Sin City', for her boobs were just not big enough.

The Actress saw pictures of her character Nancy in the comic just before she tried her luck at getting the part, but admits that she almost lost hope once she saw the dancer's assets.

"We saw the pictures in the comic book and I thought, 'That girl has some knockers! I didn't really understand how I was going to get such an impressive chest!'" quoted her, as telling OK!

However, determined as she was, Alba made sure that she impressed movie bosses with her dancing skills, that she honed by going to strip clubs, and watching the women perform their moves.

"But then I went to lots of strip clubs and watched," she added.

"I was thinking, what if I'm up there and I'm trying to be sexy and my chaps split or my top comes undone? I was worried I'd fall off stage and hit myself in the face with the rope," she said.

And though she was a bit apprehensive about taking off nearly all her clothes on-screen, the actress admits that as she got the hang of stripping, she got more comfortable.

"I started off clothed but then I slowly got more comfortable, doing it in boots and shorts, then a T-shirt and then a bra and underwear. I had to do it that way because I was terrified. I mean, I was going to be on stage with a crew full of men and extras, half-naked and dancing," Alba said.

Christina Aguilera lip-syncing show

Christina Aguilera has infuriated fans by reportedly lip-syncing at a New York concert on Friday (23.03.07).

Audiences at the Madison Square Garden show were alerted to the possibility that the 'Dirrty' singer might have been miming through the entire set when she encountered undisclosed technical problems.

The blonde star's manager Irving Azoff admitted there were some sound-related problems during the show, but did not comment on the allegations that Christina was lip-syncing.

He said: "Miss Aguilera is one of the most talented vocalists to ever grace the stage. However, we did have a technical problem with the sound equipment at the Garden."

The 26-year-old singer - who is married to music marketing executive Jordan Bratman - had so far received rave reviews for her 'Back to Basics' North American tour.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Salma Hayek Engaged to French Businessman & Expecting First Baby

Salma Hayek, the 40 year-old Mexican beauty, award-winning actress and producer is engaged to businessman Francois-Henri Pinault, the CEO of PPR, which owns fashion houses Gucci and Yves St. Laurent.

This announcement was made today through her publicist Carrie Ross on IMDB. Ross said, “Businessman Francois-Henri Pinault and his fiance, Salma Hayek, are happy to announce they are expecting the arrival of their first child.” The couple is planning a summertime wedding. The child is due for the Fall. Salma Hayek who had a well-known relationship with the actor Edward Norton kept a relatively low-profile with new beau and surprised more than one with the announcement.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Paris Hilton First Sex Partner was Randy

Tori Spelling’s Younger Brother Randy Spelling has claimed he was the first person to sleep with Paris Hilton.

Randy told the New York Daily News recently: “We were together for like two months. We went to Palm Springs once for the weekend, and we couldn’t check into the hotel under her name because her grandma was looking for her. She was like 15; I was 17. And what do you know, I hear this knock-knock-knock on the door, and I look out and her grandma’s there. And then I look out the window and I see Paris in a full-on dress with a suitcase running down the golf course. We broke up like a week later.”

Randy, who stars in new reality show Sons of Hollywood, has reportedly met up with the heiress on a number of occasions since then. His Sons of Hollywood co-star David Weintraub added: “Randy was Paris’ number one and her number 50 and number 150.”

Lindsay Lohan is Dating Some One?

Lindsay Lohan, 20, says she is dating and it isn't someone from the US.

"I'm dating," Lohan told People. "I'm really happy and I'm having fun."

As to who she is dating Lohan would only say, "It's no one here."

Speaking at the Los Angeles premiere of Showtime's The Tudors Monday, the singer was happy she decided to enter rehab.

"There's no way you can't learn a lot in a program like that, and it's good," she said. "I recommend it for anyone who needs it."

Lohan entered Wonderland rehab for alcoholism on 17 Jan 2007, while she was filming I Know Who Killed Me. She joined the addiction-treatment facility in the residential neighborhood of Laurel Canyon in L.A., as part of an outpatient program that required her to be in the facility "for the first week or two"

She was back on the sets of the film on Friday 26 Jan 2007. She continued treatment as an outpatient and finally left Wonderland on February 16.

However, since her return from rehab Lohan has been on a relentless partying spree, leaving watcher wondering if she was sliding back to her pre-rehab days.

"I'm hearing a lot of [critical] things if I go out, so that always sucks," she said. "But it's like, when do people not say it? They're always going to say things, so I expect it. But I'm feeling really good."

Lindsay has recently been seen in the company of Academy Award nominated English actor Jude Law and English crooner, James Blunt.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Pamela Anderson Sparks Mega Boobs in Australia

The bodacious Pamela Anderson who appeared in the film Borat has sparked a trend among Australian women to get massive breasts like the actress, according to local plastic surgery practices. This trend has led to Australian plastic surgeons needing to import mega-size 1000ml implants from the only available country for such sized implants, the United States (and we thought the US does not make export anything anymore).

The average implant size for the Coast surgery has increased from 280ml to 375ml in the past five years, and models with 400ml implants have recently sought surgery to double the size.

“In the last four to six months I’ve noticed a rapid increase in size. The trend for women having breast augmentation is to go large. Our patients believe bigger is better,” says Pamela Noon from the International Surgery Group.

Among the factors leading to the surge in mega size breast implants in Australia is the fact that many patients following surgery regretted not having chosen a bigger size. For this reason, Noon caution patients about rethinking their size so they do not have regrets later. “We’re now encouraging them to think very carefully about their size.” The second factor leading patients to choose mega-size implants is due to society’s acceptance and shifting aesthetic tastes where women find Pamela Anderson’s breasts attractive (most men would not argue with that), as opposed to being “freak” like.

Pamela Anderson
shot to fame after appearing in Playboy pictorials in the early 1990s with massive breasts. Anderson later stunned the world by removing her breast implants in 1999 and leaving everyone wondering how Anderson’s fame will be maintained without her implants. Anderson later re-augmented herself in 2005 to her old mega breast proportions, and strutted her stuff topless in Playboy, Stuff, and GQ magazines.

It was only a matter of time before Pamela Anderson’s breasts would become the status quo for society, with women (and men alike) viewing them as something normal. To Pamela Anderson’s credit, she is a boon for the United States Economy by boosting the number of exports of massive 1000ml implants to other countries such as Australia.

Scarlett Johansson's Get Brazilian Wax

Scarlett Johansson has had a Brazilian wax.

The Stunning actress was intrigued by the trend - which involves removing all the hair from your private parts - and decided to take the plunge despite her concerns.

She confessed to Britain's Hot Stars magazine: "I had a Brazilian wax once. I was a nervous wreck!"

Scarlett, 22, had the intimate beauty treatment carried out at New York's Oasis Day Spa and when she stripped off the waxing crew were said to have been in awe of her naked body.

A source said: "The crew couldn't stop admiring her curves."

Meanwhile, Scarlett has vowed to have plastic surgery - because she doesn't want to become an "old hag".

'The Prestige' star insists she will go under the knife if her looks deteriorate when she gets older.

She said: "I will definitely have plastic surgery - I don't want to become an old hag! I think if you're comfortable with yourself that's sexy, but if you're not then go for it."

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Britney Spears has Won an Injunction

The troubled pop star Britney resorted to legal action in the High Court yesterday over plans to print accounts of her stay in Malibu’s Promises clinic, with her lawyers adding she “intends to challenge false allegations that have already been published".

Her lawyers added the injunction was made "so as to assist them in not making the mistake of carrying out such further disclosures if approached by this person".

It was confirmed earlier this week that Spears had ended her month-long stay in the clinic, with her representative asking for the star to be granted privacy.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Angelina and Brad Donate $100K to Help Sudani's

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have just made a sizable donation to care for the people of Sudan.

The charitable couple contributed $100,00 to help build the first permanent medical facility in Duk County, Sudan according to PEOPLE magazine.

John Dau, the Director of Direct Change's Sudan Project, helped spearhead plans for the clinic.

Access Hollywood has learned the facility will be known as the Duk Lost Boys Clinic. Expected to feature seven rooms, the facility will provide a closer location for the Duk people to seek treatment. Currently those in Duk County have to walk 75 miles for medical service.

The clinic, which received its first medical supplies earlier this month, will serve around 150,000 people according to the Direct Change website. Once it is up and running, the Duk Lost Boys Clinic hopes to help treat curable diseases that run rampant in the region.

The Hollywood couple donated the money through their Jolie-Pitt Foundation. They previously donated the same amount in October of 2006 to a foundation set up in memory of slain journalist Daniel Pearl. Jolie recently filmed a movie -- "A Mighty Heart" in which she played Pearl's wife, Mariane.

The couple also donated $1 million in September 2006, to Global Action for Children and the same amount to Doctor's Without Borders.

"Words cannot express my gratitude and the gratitude of the people of Duk County," Dau said in a statement. "Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt demonstrate the American spirit of generosity. Hopefully, their donation will inspire others to join with us to rebuild southern Sudan."

Christina Aguilera's Husband keeps their Romance Alive

Christina Aguilera's husband keeps their love alive when they are apart with extravagant romantic gestures.

The 'Dirrty' singer, who is currently on her worldwide 'Back to Basics' tour, has revealed her spouse Jordan Bratman keeps her heart beating by sending her love tokens.

Christina told People magazine: "He'll fill my room with balloons and I won't be expecting it.

"I'll come in the room and there will be balloons everywhere and a card and my favorite chocolates all around - and I'm always sending cards when I can, just cute little love notes.

"He always leaves Post-Its by my bed when I wake up in the morning telling me how much he loves me. All that gushy stuff, but it feels good. He's the best."

The 26-year-old pop superstar married the 29-year-old music producer in 2005.

She recently revealed they enjoy a ritual of naked Sundays.

Christina said: "Naked Sundays definitely keep it spicy!

"And we make sure that we always have fun together and keep it fun and sexy. We even went to Disneyland with a couple of friends on Valentine's Day.

"We go out to romantic dinners a lot. We always find key spots, dim, sexy spots. We do anything your average couple would do, but with an interesting twist."

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Britney is Financially Solid

Despite Britney reckless lifestyle, and the seven figure payout that she has reportedly agreed to as part of her divorce settlement with estranged husband Kevin Federline, Britney's financial health, at least, remains good, reports NY Daily News.

Britney current net worth is $100 million and, thanks to sound investments, growing by the second.

Her assets are managed by professionals and spread over separate companies such as Britney Touring, One More Time Music, Fairy Zone Productions and Britney Online.

Forbes magazine recently ranked Britney as the 12th-richest woman in entertainment.

Using Forbes research and documents drawn up by the legal team that prepared Britney's premarital agreement, NY Daily News estimates Britney's assets to include - $26.5 million in Music, $22.6 million worth of property and valuable, $21.6 million in endorsements, $16.7 million royalties on her perfume, skin-care goods and cosmetics, $6.5 million in TV, Movies and Magazines and $33.25 million cash in bank.

"She's a very wealthy woman and protected by an ironclad prenuptial agreement," says financial expert Lea Goldman, associate editor of Forbes magazine.

While there is little or no danger of a Britney bankruptcy, the chances that she will add to her huge wealth are real. A single new hit could rake in millions, converting the negative publicity as just publicity.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Scarlett Johansson Showing Her Boobs

Scarlett Johansson makes Lindsay Lohan look like a little child when it comes to showing boobs. She was flashing everybody with her naked boobs. Her jiggling boobs says every body “hello”…

So, everybody, from that ...whatever it was…forgot the purpose of the “meeting”, being busy watching the “expose” of Scarlett Johansson. I guess is trendy or maybe it’s a contest between the female celebrities.

Paris Hilton and Cee-lo Sex Tape

There have been rumours a new Paris Hilton sex tape exists circulating for the past few weeks - could the Simple Life star really make the same mistake twice?

Website have alleged they have proof another Paris Hilton sex tape exists, and this one involves Hilton and Gnarls Barkley star Cee-lo.

To prove the tape exists, have printed a very NSFW picture of who they are claiming to be Gnarls Barkley singer Cee-lo and the diminutive Miss Hilton engaged in a sex act.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Return to Big Screen of Hollywood

Hollywood Superstars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, who last week boosted the size of their family to four, are reportedly set to return to the big screen with lead roles in separate movies.

According to AFP agency, Jolie, 31, is to play a killer-for-hire in an action flick called “Wanted” alongside actor Morgan Freeman.

Brad Pitt, 43, will act as an investigative journalist in “State of Play,” a movie based on a British mini-series, with reporters and police racing to unravel the murder of a politician’s mistress.

Last week Angelina Jolie adopted a three-year-old boy Vietnamese boy who was abandoned at birth at promised to become a stay-at-home mother.

Pax Thien is the fourth child for Jolie and Pitt. The couple already have five-year-old Maddox, adopted from Cambodia, a two-year-old daughter, Zahara, who was adopted in Ethiopia, and a biological daughter, Shiloh, born last May in Namibia.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Snubs ex-lover's Advances!

Lindsay Lohan’s ex Wilmer Valderrama is still yearning for her, but when he tried to express his love for her at a party she snubbed him.

Lohan, who's lately been out here every night was onstage singing at Unik's weekly karaoke party when Valderrama, Ashton Kutcher's handsome co-star on That '70s Show, showed up around 2:30 a.m.

The blond-again actress had already sung along to "Dirrty" by Christina Aguilera and "Criminal" by Fiona Apple and was in the middle of "Like I Love You" by Justin Timberlake when in walked Valderrama, whom she dated in 2004 when she was just 18 and he 24.

"He tried to talk to her, but she didn't have much time for him. Then he grabbed a microphone and said, 'Lindsay, this is for you.' " reports the New York, Daily News.

In front of the packed house, Valderrama sang these lyrics from Matchbox 20's "Back 2 Good:"Just stand there/I could say so much But I don't go there cuz I don't want to I was thinking if you were lonely Maybe we could leave here and no one would know ... I'm lonely now and I don't know how to get it back to good."

Monday, March 19, 2007

Britney Spear's 'Rehab Romp'

Britney Spears was caught romping in the bushes of her rehab center with a mystery man.

The troubled singer played a game of tennis with the unnamed man, who is also receiving treatment at Malibu's Promises clinic, before they disappeared together.

The pair were later found frolicking in the foliage, of the grounds and had to be separated by security staff.

A source told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "Britney and her new male friend decided to play a game of tennis. Britney is allowed a little more freedom now she's been in the centre a while.

"The next thing they had sneaked off into the bushes and were getting pretty passionate. They weren't actually having sex but there was definitely some groping. We had to step in to separate them.

"They were told off. They're in rehab and relationships between vulnerable people aren't really encouraged."

This is the second time Britney, 25, has been romantically linked with someone she has met at rehab.

Last week, it was reported that Britney was growing "very close" with rock guitarist Jason Filyaw, who she met at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

The 33-year-old rocker claimed he and the shaven-haired singer had "found love" since meeting again in rehab. The pair had met once before in 2003 when they recorded some music together.

Britney checked into the centre last month and is believed to be being treated for alcoholism.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Anne Hathaway 'Reduced To Tears' By Kate Winslet's 'Greatness'

Anne Hathaway has lavished praise on British actress Kate Winslet for her "greatness".

The Devil Wears Prada star Hathaway admits she was reduced to tears by an interview with the Titanic star - because Kate Winslet's success reminded Hathaway she still has a long way to go as an actress.

She says, "People say I appear controlled but I'm just all over the place. I cry terribly easily.

"I was reading an article about Kate Winslet in Vogue and I love her so much I started crying, realising how great she is and how far I have to go."

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Take Drugs

The fifth season of the reality show “The Simple Life” in which Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie appear has been cancelled.

The blondes known for their scandals should have worked as advisors in a children’s camp, but filming was cancelled because they refused drug tests.

“Advisors in our camps are well trained and subject to various tests, I see no difference between those two and other employees”, commented Jerry Silverman, a member of the organization in the Jewish camp.

Remember that Nicole Richie ended up in hospital at the start of filming because she allegedly dehydrated.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Madonna Nanny loses Her Publishing Deal

Pop Star Madonna's former nanny Melissa Dumas has lost her deal with Crown Publishing to write a book detailing her time with the pop superstar.

The child carer worked for the Material Girl and her husband Guy Ritchie from 2005-2006, which included their controversial adoption of Malawian baby David Banda in October.

Recent press reports suggested Crown Publishing were paying Dumas up to $5m (€7.3m) for her 80-page story on Madonna's family life with children Lourdes, 10; Rocco, six; and David, 18 months.

Dumas' agent Sharlene Martin tells the New York Daily News: "I deeply regret that Crown decided not to move forward in publishing (the nanny's) book."

Friday, March 16, 2007

Christina Aguilera Feels Empowered Sexually

Christina Aguilera insists she has "grown sexually" since releasing her debut hit Genie In A Bottle, because she now feels empowered by her sexuality.

The 26-year-old singer believes she has matured since the 1999 song, and admits her sexual confidence helps her take a commanding role in all situations.

She says, "I'm not the same person who released Genie In A Bottle and then Dirty. I have this overconfidence with my sexuality because I feel empowered by it, and I love being in control of every facet of what I do."

Yummy Mummy Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has been voted Hollywood's 'yummiest mummy'.

The actress topped a poll of over 3,000 film fans, conducted by movie website, to the sexy accolade.

Angelina - who has four children, Maddox, five, Zahara, two, 10-month-old Shiloh and newly adopted Vietnamese boy Pax Thien - beat a host of other stunning Hollywood mothers to the title with around a quarter of the total vote.

Kate Winslet came second with 18 per cent of the votes, while Reese Witherspoon - who has two children, daughter Ava and son Deacon - and Cate Blanchett came third and fourth respectively.

Pearl and Dean spokesperson Kathryn Jacob wasn't surprised sultry Angelina - whose long-term partner is Brad Pitt - topped the poll.

Jacob said: "There are some beautiful Hollywood mums in this list but Angelina Jolie's combination of stunning looks and column inches have earned her an army of film fans."

Other sexy star mothers who made the top ten included Katie Holmes, who has a daughter Suri with husband Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, who is currently pregnant with her third child, and Gwyneth Paltrow, who has two children, daughter Apple and son Moses, with her Coldplay star husband Chris Martin.

Hollywood's 'yummiest mummy' poll top ten:

1. Angelina Jolie 26%

2. Kate Winslet 18%

3. Reese Witherspoon 13%

4. Cate Blanchett 10%

4. Catherine Zeta-Jones 10%

6. Katie Holmes 7%

7. Demi Moore 6%

8. Julia Roberts 4%

8. Nicole Kidman 4%

10. Gwyneth Paltrow 2%

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Jennifer Lopez is Pregnant or Not? Confused

In an interview airing tonight on Extra, Marc Anthony quashed tabloid rumors that his wife, Jennifer Lopez, is pregnant. He told Extra's Jerry Penacoli,

"You're going to hear from me first and it's

going to be me in handcuffs, because
[I’ll run]
down Sunset screaming like
a madman.
It's something that's important
to us and
God will make it possible whenever."

Jennifer will be appearing on American Idol and said, "I’m very excited. I watched it last night. I have a couple favorites." She will be singing "one of my Spanish songs. I think they’re doing a Latin album theme night.”

Angelina Jolie Adopts Vietnam Boy First Pic of Angelina's Son

The Oscar-winning Actress Angelina Jolie collected the boy from a Ho Chi Minh City orphanage after a short and tearful farewell.

She is due to hold an official ceremony at the justice department later on Thursday, which will complete the adoption process.

Jolie, 31, has already adopted two children, from Cambodia and Ethiopia, and last year she gave birth to a daughter with actor partner Brad Pitt.

Jolie and Pitt
visited Ho Chi Minh City last November, where they first met children at the Tam Binh orphanage.

She arrived in Vietnam again on Wednesday night, and early on Thursday morning she went to the orphanage, taking Maddox - her five-year-old Cambodian son - with her.

About 20 children dressed in traditional Vietnamese tunics welcomed the pair as they arrived.

Nguyen Van Trung, the director of the orphanage, said it was an emotional moment when she left with her new three-year-old son.

"They tried to make friends with the Vietnamese boy, who cried when he saw them because for him, they are strangers," he told reporters. "Jolie was very moved. Both of them tried to comfort the little boy," he added.

The child has been living at the orphanage since he was abandoned as a baby, but if all goes to plan officials have said that Jolie can take him home by the weekend.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Britney Spears in Lesbian Sex Tape Scandal?

Britney became the unwitting star of a surveillance tape reportedly showing troubled pop star getting intimate with two female dancers at a New York club has become the latest hot property for internet porn companies.

The TOXIC singer changed into fishnet stockings and a bikini while partying with dancers at nightclub One on 12 February (07) - and things allegedly got steamy with the threesome.

When a manager at the club discovered damaging video footage of the incident, the dancers were subsequently sacked.

A source tells the New York Daily News, "The manager said there was a tape of them. Both girls cried about it when they got fired, but they didn't deny it."

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Paris Hilton Deliberate Nipple Exposition

Why does Paris Hilton feel the need to show the world her nipples?The world has already seen them & has also seen Paris' other private parts!What's so special about Paris' nipples? NOTHING! All women around the world have nipples ... They all look alike!

Come on Paris, where is your bra? Sometimes wearing a bra is sexier than flashing your tits!The other day, Paris was spotted going about her usual business & she was wearing this ugly mustard color top ... Really ugly! Not only that, but it's a see-through top! Her nipples were practically saluting the people on the street!

Why Paris! Why?

Angelina Jolie's Vietnam Adoption Nearly Completed

US Great Actress Angelina Jolie's adoption application is being processed quickly and she could pick up her new three-year-old son within a few weeks, Vietnam's top adoption official said today.

"Officials in Ho Chi Minh City are reviewing her file and should complete their work by the end of the month at the latest," said Vu Duc Long, director of Vietnam's International Adoption Department.

"Ms Jolie can pick up the child anytime after the application is approved," he said.

"The child was abandoned at a Ho Chi Minh City hospital as a baby and then taken to the nearby Tam Binh orphanage, where he has lived ever since," said Nguyen Van Trung, the orphanage director.

Shortly after he arrived at the orphanage, the Tam Binh staff tried unsuccessfully to locate the boy's birth parents.

"The adoption is being processed quickly because the boy is an older child, and his files were nearly complete before Jolie decided to adopt," Trung said.

Jolie and her partner Brad Pitt have three children: five-year-old Maddox, adopted from Cambodia; two-year-old Zahara, adopted from Ethiopia; and another daughter, Shiloh, who was born to the couple in May.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Jessica Simpson to be new "X Factor" Judge?

The Blonde singer Jessica Simpson is set to spice up 'X Factor'.

Jessica Simpson has been tipped to replace Louis Walsh on the judging panel and TV bosses are hoping Jessica, 26, will boost ratings.

A source told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "They are looking for a looking for a female American judge to balance things up and Jessica is a sexy girl and will add some glamour to the show."

Paula Abdul - who sits alongside Simon Cowell on the 'American Idol' judging panel - and La Toya Jackson have also been linked to the job.

The new series of 'X Factor' will have four judges, rather than three, and BBC Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles is hoping to grab the extra spot.

Chris, 33, has issued a come-and-get-me plea to Simon, saying: "I'm just waiting for the call. I'm definitely interested."

Simon has already revealed he would like the loudmouth DJ to join the new-look judging panel.

He said: "He is among a number of people whose names have been thrown in the ring. But nothing has been decided just yet."

'Big Brother's Little Brother' presenter Dermot O'Leary has been tipped to take over as the show's host following Kate Thorton's departure.

However, if he does agree to present the show, it will clash with the next series of 'Big Brother'.

'X Factor' auditions begin next month and the new series will air in August.

Scarlett Johansson Can’t Pick Her Nose in Peace

Hollywood beauty Scarlett Johansson may enjoy all the perks that come with being an A-list star, but she feels that on the flipside it takes away the joy of being left alone.

She dislikes being in the limelight too much because it also means that a trivial thing like picking her nose is no longer private.

"All of a sudden you become very aware that you're not alone any more and that the private moment you thought you were having is not private."

Meanwhile, fans who are used to seeing the actress looking her best on screen, will now get to see a "de-sexified" side of her in the her latest movie.

The 22-year old, who plays a student working as a nanny as she puts herself through college, decided that she had to look the part of-screen as well as on, to prepare for it.

Co-director Robert Pulcini revealed that though he and Shari Springer Berman were apprehensive of approaching Johansson because of all her "glamour", they had been in for a pleasant surprise.

"We thought about how we would approach Scarlett because she is very glamorous, but she's the one who said, 'I really think I should have brown hair and look like an everyday college girl in this movie,'" quoted him, as saying.

"It's very much the story of a girl finding her identity. She's quite confused about what kind of future she should choose, and she ducks out of her life for a period and deals with other people's problems instead of her own. She's avoiding that final step into adulthood," Pulcini added.

The 'Nanny Diaries' is based on the novel of the same name by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus.

The movie also stars Laura Linney and Paul Giamatti as the snobby parents of a spoilt brat who becomes Johansson's charge. The movie began filming in 2006, and is scheduled for release later this year.

Paris Hilton's boobs job riddle

HOTEL heiress Paris Hilton is busting to show off her plumped up, er, pillows — fuelling speculation that she’s had a boob job.

The 25-year-old had no room to spare in her low-cut baby doll dress on a nightie out in Hollywood.

Celebrity-watchers were left guessing whether she’d got her top-floor lift from a plastic surgeon — or was just wearing a powerful push-up bra.

An onlooker said: “Her breasts seemed massive. Everyone was staring.”

Paris has often been pictured topless and four years ago a home sex video of her appeared on the internet.

In January, another online clip showed her flashing her boobs.

She is not famous for having a — how can we say — well-staffed front desk.

The onlooker added: “She’s known for her quite small boobs. It’s a surprise to see her busting out of her top.”

Christina Aguilera Naughty Nurse in Bedroom

Singer Christina Aguilera loves to spice up her sex life by playing doctor (and nurse) in the bedroom - and she's even bought her new husband, Jordan Bratman, a sexy medic's outfit.

The couple is said to stage racy hospital emergencies in the privacy of their own home and the 'Dirrty' singer makes sure they have all manner of sex toys to in their fantasy foray.

She also insists that her husband dresses up for the fun sex sessions. She told Maxim magazine, "I like to play doctor. I got Jordan a doctor's outfit with a doctor's bag full of sex toys. I wore the naughty nurse's costume, ofcourse."

And apparently there's nothing like the sound of Radiohead's Thom Yorke to get Aguilera in the mood for love. She adds, "That's good sex-time music." The singer's hits might get others ready for romance, but she insists listening to herself is a big turn-off: "I'd be too busy analysing my voice. I get very nitpicky."

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Avril Lavigne Want Struggles to Sing And Dance

Avril Lavigne has surprised herself by becoming an admirer of Britney Spears after realising how difficult it is to sing and dance at the same time.

Avril has stunned fans by dancing in the video for her new single, The Girlfriend, and has only just realised why Spears often mimed on stage.

She says, "I've had to work with a choreographer, but I'm actually quite athletic and I have good rhythm so it comes natural to me.

"It made me appreciate people like Britney Spears, as I realise how much work goes into that stuff. The whole thing where you sing and dance is so hard, so that's probably why she doesn't sing, right? ha ha!"

Madonna to Guest Star on 'Nip and Tuck'

Madonna is set to join the cast of hit plastic surgery drama Nip/Tuck after confessing she's a big fan of the show. Ryan Murphy reveals he's currently writing a part for the pop superstar. Murphy would like Madonna to play opposite pal and A League of Their Own co-star Rosie O'Donnell, who has become a regular on the show after hitting the headlines for a sex scene she filmed with Nip/Tuck star Julian McMahon last season.

Murphy says, "I'm going to write something for Madonna, who is a fan of the show and I would love for her to do something with Rosie."

Madonna isn't be the only big name being considered for upcoming episodes - Nicole Kidman has already signed on for a cameo and McMahon explains Sandra Bullock is also interested in a role.

He adds, "Sandy said she wanted to come on last year and she didn't. She wants to come on the last episode and she wants to get her whole body done, or something."

Friday, March 09, 2007

Timberlake wants to hold Britney's hand

Timbaland, who's crafted hits for Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado, wants to help Britney Spears reclaim her once-stellar career.

"I feel her pain, it really bothers me," the 34-year-old rapper-producer says in an interview in Entertainment Weekly magazine's March 16 issue. "I'm the type of person who tries to save the world. I just want to take her away, go overseas, and work (it) out."

Timbaland says he invited Timberlake, his "best friend" and Spears' ex-boyfriend, to be part of that plan.

"I asked Justin, 'How would you feel about me working with Britney?' I had to ask him that," Timbaland is quoted as saying. "I said, 'Would you do it with me?' "

The 26-year-old "SexyBack" singer said he would, according to Timbaland, who notes: "She's just gotta be serious."

Salma Hayek is Pregnant And Engaged

Salma Hayek the actress, producer and all round hottie, is not only revealing her relationship for the first time, but she’s also confirming an engagement and pregnancy! We reckon the phone isn’t going to stop ringing today.

So who is the lucky man? Francois-Henri Pinault, CEO of PPR, which happens to own luxury brands Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent as well as other successful businesses.

Salma's publicist, Ina Treciokas, confirmed the news to the Gatecrasher column, saying: "Businessman, Francois-Henri Pinault, and his fiancée, Salma Hayek, are happy to announce they are expecting the arrival of their first child."

Congratulations :Salma Hayek

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Lindsay Lohan's Pizza Treat for Paparazzi

Generous Lindsay Lohan ordered pizza for paparazzi who tracked her down to a hair salon in Beverly Hills, California, on Tuesday night (06MAR07) - so they could eat while they waited for her.

The MEAN GIRLS star visited hairstylist NEIL GEORGE so she could get her hair coloured.

But Lohan wasn't feeling quite as generous when she left the salon - she refused to pose for photos, claiming that her new hairstyle wasn't complete and she'd be back for highlights.

Raven-haired Lohan's new look is strawberry blonde.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Paris Hilton’s Mysterious White Powder

Courtney Love was at Paris Hilton’s 26th birthday party recently, and on her website reported spotting a “mountain” of “white powder” in the restaurant bathroom, before taking down the claim later.

The Daily Mirror is reporting that the post on Courtney’s website included Courtney saying: “I went into the bathroom and there was a mountain of – gee, well – it was powder and it was white. Wonder if it was sugar?”

The paper reports that last night (Tuesday March 6) Courtney’s people denied the post had ever appeared, and there is no evidence of the post today, though photos of Courtney and her daughter Frances Bean at the party are still up

The publication also reveals details of the after party that took place at Paris’ home.

On entering, guests were given silver pens to sign messages on a giant portrait of Paris. In the living room - as well as another huge portrait of Paris - there was also a full sized lap dancing pole for Paris to show off her infamous ‘moves’, and another massive portrait of the heiress in the dining room.

So what were the Paris sleeping quarters like? Unfortunately we may never find out, as security guards prevented all but Paris’ inner circle from venturing upstairs.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Adopt Little Boy

The child that Angelina Jolie plans to adopt in Vietnam is a little boy and he will probably be moving to the US in the next three months, Vietnam's top adoption official said.Jolie chose the child, who is between three and four years old, during a recent visit to the Tam Binh orphanage on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City, said Vu Duc Long, the head of the Justice Ministry's international adoption department in Hanoi.

Under ordinary circumstances, Long said, it takes about four months to process an adoption after the forms arrive at his office.

If the prospective parent has already chosen a child, the adoption can be completed in just three months.

"Three months would be the longest," Long said, adding that Jolie's case could be processed faster than that.

Long confirmed last week that Jolie had filed adoption papers, but did not provide any details about the child or how long the process would take.

Jolie initiated the adoption process in the US, but her application only arrived at Long's office last week.

His department has approved the application and sent it to officials in Ho Chi Minh City, who must also review it.

Jolie and her partner, Brad Pitt, have three children: five-year-old Maddox, adopted from Cambodia; two-year-old Zahara, adopted from Ethiopia; and another daughter, Shiloh, who was born to the couple in May.

The pair made a surprise visit to the Tam Binh orphanage last November, when they were spotted cruising around Ho Chi Minh City on a motorbike.

Liz Hurley wants a Cricket pitch at her Indian Wedding Ceremony

You'd think most brides would feel relatively content once they'd got their dress and wedding venue sorted.But not the likes of Liz Hurley.

The 41-year-old actress, who's already held a lavish English ceremony, is pulling out all the stops for the Indian leg of her week-long event.

She's ordered a cricket pitch to be constructed in the grounds of the Bhawan Palace where her second wedding service will take place.

And staff are working away trying to get it ready for Liz's hubby Arun Nayer and the other male guests.

Interesting idea. We can't say we'd be too thrilled if our new husband deserted us seconds after tying the knot to try and hit a few sixes.

Kevin Federline shaved his head to support Britney Spear

Playfuls informed, that Kevin Federline shaved his head too in order to show his ex-wife Britney his support.Pop singer Britney Spears shaved her head completely bald two weeks ago and now is in rehabilitation centre.Reportedly, Kevin Federline visited her in rehab with their two children.The rapper’s buddies insist that K-Fed is still in love with Britney and that’s why he sticks with her through these hard times. “He said he still loves her,” The Sun quoted a pal as saying.

A source close to Britney said to NOTW: “Kevin has been a real tower of strength for her and she has finally decided to give their marriage another shot.”Britney not only wants to give KEvin another chance, but also plans to have another child with him. The couple already has two sons.
“Britney has realized what a rock Kevin has been to her, and how out of control she has acted recently,” Playfuls quoted a source close to the singer.

After Britney checked herself in the Promises rehabilitation center in Malibu, British tabloid News of the World reported that the staff at the clinic said she was put on “suicide watch” after she tried to hang herself with a bed sheet.

Penelope Cruz is to star in Woody Allen's next film

The 32-year-old actress penelope cruz is expected to start shooting with the legendary filmmaker in Barcelona in July.She will co-star in the movie with fellow Spanish actor Javier Bardem.Bardem, 38, revealed he had spoken with Allen by phone, but had not seen a script.As is usual with Allen movies, the title and screenplay details are being secretly guarded.However, it is has been revealed the film will be shot in both Spanish and English and focus on a series of love entanglements.

The movie will reunite Oscar-nominees Bardem and Cruz, who worked together on the hit 1992 Spanish movie 'Jamón, jamón'.The dark comedy told the story of an underwear factory boss who falls in love with a shop-floor worker, much to the disappointment of his mother.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Drugs Available at Paris Hilton Birthday Party

The former Hole singer joined Paris for a belated birthday celebration in Beverly Hills restaurant The Prime Grill on February 25.According to the New York Daily News newspaper, Courtney has revealed she saw a pile of 'white powder' in the rest room.
The rocker's claims are now jeopardising the latest series of 'The Simple Life', starring Paris and Nicole Richie.The pair are working as camp counsellors in the reality show, but their suitability has now been questioned.

Jerry Silverman of the Foundation for Jewish Camping said: 'Counsellors are trained, recruited, and tested. We take it very seriously.' Nicole Richie collapsed on the set of 'The Simple Life' and was briefly hospitalised and treated for dehydration on Friday (02.03.07).
Her representative said: 'Nicole is home resting and will return to work this evening. We are proud of the weight that Nicole is gaining and her focus on her health.' The 25-year-old star, adopted daughter of Lionel Richie, was given intravenous fluids for 15 minutes and released.

Britney Spears In Rehab, Kevin Federline Hits The Club

Britney Spears' ex Kevin Federline was spotted at a nightclub in Las Vegas over the weekend. K-Fed, who's been staying under the radar recently, finally came out of his hidey-hole to party in the city of secrets while his children stayed at home with a nanny.

K-Fed left his Mirage hotel room around midnight and partied at club Revolution until 3 in the morning, according to a published report.

An insider claims, "He was with his brother Chris and Jason (WeeMan) Acuna from 'Jackass.'"

Meanwhile, Britney Spears wants K-Fed back. Brit, who reportedly tried to kill herself in rehab last week, has been trying to repair her relationship with estranged husband.

A source close to the Promises Rehab told the News of the World, "Britney has realized what a rock Kevin has been to her, and how out of control she has acted recently. She has been talking to Kevin every night for hours on the phone, telling him she still loves him."

"She just wants to be with him again, and thinks having another baby will seal their marriage. Britney seems much happier and has calmed down a lot. She's a completely different Britney from the beginning of the week."

Monday, March 05, 2007

Salma Hayek and Jennifer Aniston Award Winning For Boobs Take Honors

Salma Hayek and Jennifer Aniston know cleavage. While Jen's breasts made their way into the big time on television with her long stint on 'Friends', Salma has displayed her attributes mostly on the big screen. Hayek did however have a great scene earlier this year in 'Ugly Betty' in an elevator that brought her legendary cleavage in crystal clear high definition into the living rooms of many Americans.

Now the girls' girls are getting some much deserved recognition. According to Mr. Skin Salma Hayek claimed the 'best breasts' prize for her topless scene in 'Ask the Dust' while Aniston's post-shower scene in 'The Break Up' earned her the Best PG-13 Nude Scene honor.

Both are certainly worthy. The Gossip Girls note that Kelly Brook, 27, won Best Skinny Dip for her nude part in ‘Three,’ which co-starred real-life lover Billy Zane. Other winners include “Nip/Tuck” guest star Brooke Shields for Best Plumber’s Crack, and Monique Coleman from “Dancing with the Stars” for Best Wardrobe Malfunction.

More honors: The uber hot Emmanuelle Chriqui gets the best 'threesome award for her ménage scene with Malin Ackerman and Kevin Connelly on "Entourage" And where would we be without being 'shocked.'

Avril Lavigne Dramatically Changed Now

Avril has revealed she’s amused when she remembers how she behaved during her teenage years.

Avril adopted a punkish skater look and attitude when she released her first album at the age of 18 in contrast to the sweet and innocent image favoured by most female teenage pop stars.

She said in a recent interview with Arena magazine: “When I look back now all I can think is, ‘God, I was such a s**t’.”

“I was such a tomboy, running around, getting in fights, hanging out with guys. In all my interviews I would have my head down and moodily just grunt an answer.”

“I look back and laugh now as I realise how much I’ve grown up. But that was my style back then, that was me.”

Avril unveiled a new “grown-up” image in 2005 to pursue acting and modelling work but added that she still likes to act out occasionally: “I like to have a good time, jump on tables and wreck things once in a while. When I drink, I am the party.”

Pam Returns to the Beach

PAMELA ANDERSON is returning to the beach 10 years after leaving BAYWATCH. The blonde actress is working on an untitled beach-set drama following the cancellation of her bookstore comedy STACKED last year (06). Gossip site reports Anderson has teamed up with Baywatch producers to create a "fantasy-based drama" set in a Malibu, California beach club. Anderson leaped to international fame playing lifeguard CJ PARKER in Baywatch in 1992.

Now 'Antichrist' Britney tries to hang herself

Britney Spears at the Promises clinic checked herself into last month, has been put on a ‘suicide watch’, after the singer reportedly tried to hang herself with a bed sheet.

Britney had friends and family worried sick when paramedics were rushed to the clinic recently, and now a friend has revealed that medics were called because she tried to commit suicide.

Just before she tried to hang herself, the pal said, Britney wrote 666 on her shaved head, and ran around the clinic screaming "I am the Antichrist!"

"She is still very vulnerable. Last Saturday she said she had the number 666 written onto her bald head. She was crying, and shouting, ‘I am the Antichrist!' The clinic people just didn't know what to do. Then she started screaming, ‘I'm a fake! I'm a fake!' It must have been really frightening," the News of the World quoted the pal, as saying.

"Later that night she tried to kill herself. She attached a sheet to a light and tied it around her neck. Paramedics were called, but luckily she was unhurt," the pal added.

A source at the clinic also revealed to the paper that Britney had realized what a ‘rock’ her estranged hubby was, and that she not only wanted them to get back together, but also to have another baby.

"Britney has realized what a rock Kevin has been to her, and how out of control she has acted recently. She has been talking to Kevin every night for hours on the phone, telling him she still loves him. She just wants to be with him again, and thinks having another baby will seal their marriage," the source said.

The source insisted that the singer was also much happier and calmer than she was at the time she checked herself into the clinic.

"Britney seems much happier and has calmed down a lot. She's a completely different Britney from the beginning of the week," the source said.

Another source close to Britney said that the singer was now thinking about renewing her vows with K-Fed.

"Kevin has been a real tower of strength for her and she has finally decided to give their marriage another shot. She thought things were over between her and Kevin after his wild partying and gambling," the source said.

"She felt he had deserted her and left her to bring up their two children on her own. She never even dreamed she would take him back. But Kevin's like a different man now. He's never been so caring before, and is really worried about Britney.

"He's been Britney's rock during her difficult time, and she wants to give him another chance. This week she even asked if she could have a night away from the Promises Clinic with Kevin. She's still waiting to hear if they will give her a pass so that they can go out for a romantic meal together.

"Kevin has also taken their two little boys to see their mum in rehab," the source added.

Much to the dismay of her family, friends and fans, the singer’s life has been spiraling out of control ever since she dumped Federline last year.

Since then, she has been indulging in wild and boozy parties, been snapped without panties, and the latest shaving of her head and getting tattooed.

The singer also hopped in and out of rehab before seeking help for a third time when Federline threatened to take away their sons if she didn’t get professional help.