Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hirst snaps up Paris Hilton picture

Damien Hirst has spent a slice of his new fortune on a portrait of Paris Hilton made from images taken from porn magazines.

A two-day auction of the controversial artist's work fetched an unprecedented £111 million at Sotheby's earlier this month, boosting Hirst's vast wealth.

The sale, entitled Beautiful Inside My Head Forever, featured Hirst's butterfly paintings and trademark animal corpses in tanks of formaldehyde.

On Thursday, the British artist paid an undisclosed amount for a "homage" to US heiress Hilton - made from images ripped from porn magazines.

The collage, entitled Paris, 2008, was created by Jonathan Yeo, who has painted conventional portraits of Tony Blair, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Rupert Murdoch and Prince Philip.

His official portrait of Tony Blair was dominated by a Remembrance Day poppy -- a symbol of the many wars fought while he was prime minister.

He was inspired to make his first porn collage after the White House cancelled a commission to paint George Bush in 2004.

Annoyed, he decided to embark on a portrait of the US President anyway, but using pieces of pornographic magazines.

Yeo, the son of the former Conservative minister Tim, is showing his work in New York in the Lazarides Gallery.

Hirst gave some of the proceeds from the record-breaking £111 million art auction to charity. Hilton's fame was boosted by the leak of a sex tape, entitled One Night in Paris, starring the celebrity.

Jordan slams Victoria Beckham and Kerry Katona

Katie Price a.k.a Jordan turned up at her perfume launch in a revealing thong and rather than emphasizing on her perfume she chose to take a pot shot at rivals Victoria Beckham and Kerry Katona.

Jordan, who is just back from a surgery after a boob job, wore a tiny thong at the launch of her new fragrance 'Besotted' and clawed Victoria and Katona with her bitter comments.

"I didn't want the perfume launch to be boring like Victoria Beckham's, Kelly Brook and the others, I saw Victoria in pictures wearing the white dress with a kind of furry thing on the back and I just thought shes on another night out," The Mirror quoted Jordan, as saying.

"I had no idea she was supposed to be promoting her new perfume. She didn't make any effort. She should have a bit more fun with it like I did," she added.

After taking potshots at Beckham and posing for the camera, Jordan hit back at Katona over her threats to publish a book about their relationship.

"How she can write anything about me is a joke. We met at the jungle, did two photo-shoots later, and possibly met a couple of times out of work," Jordan said.

"But that was a long time ago and she doesn't know anything about my life. Its sad. I hear Kerry needs the money. But she shouldn't show off and splash money on things she can't afford," she added.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My breasts have had a brilliant career: Pamela Anderson

Canadian actress Pamela Anderson has revealed that it was her boobs that had a career all along, and that she was there just for the ride.

From having appeared in movies and posed in some ads, to being the centerpiece in the Playboy magazine, Anderson sure thinks highly of her breasts.

"Apparently, I've nicknamed my breasts Pancho and Lefty. But that's just not true, sadly," the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

"In the flesh, I don't think they're that magnificent at all, but something happens when they appear on screen - it's like they expand or something.

"But that's it for them now, I think. I wouldn't get anything done to them again, because I tend to think about my health a lot more now than I ever did before.

"When I first got a boob job it was because everyone else was getting theirs done, and I didn't put a great deal of thought into the whole process.

"Then I got the implants removed after my divorce (from Lee) in a kind of 'I'll show him' way, except I really missed them myself, so I put them back in.

But all in all, I'd say they've had a pretty good career. I've basically been tagging along for the ride," she added.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Kim Kardashian : Tonight's HD Hottie

The 27-year-old model, who was born in Los Angeles, is the daughter of Robert Kardashian, the late attorney who served on the O.J. Simpson 'Dream Team' during his murder trial.

But Kim is best known as a featured performer on the E! reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She has also released a DVD exercise video and she has had small roles in such TV shows as The Simple Life (with Paris Hilton) and Celebrity Family Feud.

Now, Kim will put her dancing talents on display in ABC's Dancing With the Stars, competing with Toni Braxton, Lance Bass and other celebrities.

Lindsay Lohan turns down Playboy offer

Hollywood singer actress Lindsay Lohan has turned down a lucrative offer to pose nude for Playboy magazine.

Lohan, who bared all for New York magazine earlier this year, insists she won't be doing it again for Playboy's upcoming 55th anniversary, reports "If there's nudity, the answer is no. She's not going down that road again," said her representative.

Playboy boss Hugh Hefner reportedly wanted Lohan to pay tribute to Marilyn Monroe in the anniversary issue as she recreated Monroe's candid final photo shoot for New York magazine.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I've had Sex in all of America's 50 states: Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes has said that she has had sex in all of America''s 50 states.

While appearing at New York's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week to promote her new line of fine bedding for Macys, Mendes made the ‘announcement’ during the launch party for designer Patricia Field''s upcoming line of ‘Sex & The City’ inspired fashions.

When pushed for more juicy details, the ‘Hitch’ star assured reporters her 50 state feat was not with 50 different men, according to various gossip websites.

"A lot of it was on a road trip I took when I was younger," the Daily Telegraph quoted Mendes, as saying.

As for where she had the best sex, she revealed it was in Arizona and Colorado.

"Maybe it was the clear air, or the quiet, or the endless sky, she noted, whatever it was, it was really, really good,” she said.

According to Mendes, the worst sex she had was in Alaska.

"I'd really like a do-over on that state," Mendes said.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kate Hudson bares all in 'My Best Friend's Girl'

Hollywood actress Kate Hudson has bared all for her upcoming flick My Best Friend Girl.

The How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days actress has repeated her mom actress Goldie Hawn's shedding act in Overboard and Housesitter.

Hudson shares an onscreen romp with actor Dane Cook in the flick, reports The Sun.

The Flick starring Dane Cook, Jason Biggs and Alec Baldwin alongside Hudson revolves around a guy, who hires his best pal to take his ex-girlfriend on a bad date so that she realises how great her former boyfriend is.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Lindsay Lohan falls for Michael Phelps

Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan, who was rumoured to be dating gal pal DJ Samantha Ronson, seems to have now fallen for Michael Phelps, the Olympic golden boy.

The actress is reported to be begging the US swimmer to take her out for a date. However, the 23-year-old is not so interested in the offer, according to sources.

But the Mean Girls star is leaving no stone unturned to land the opportunity. "At first he thought it was a joke when she got in touch. But she's since been phoning and texting constantly. It's become a running joke in his camp. Lindsay has been trying to meet up with him," Contactmusic quoted a source, as telling Britain's Daily Mirror.

"They're both going to the MTV Video Music Awards next month so they'll be sure to see each other properly then. Phelps is certainly flattered by all the attention but it's not clear how seriously he's taking it all," the source added.

Meanwhile, Lindsay's dad Michael Lohan has launched a scathing attack on the actress' close friend Ronson, insisting that she's using his daughter to gain publicity. Michael has accused DJ Ronson of using Lindsay to boost her fame after hearing the news that Ronson may write a 'tell-all' book about her life.