Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Reese Witherspoon Postpones Honeymoon for Work

Actress Reese Witherspoon has postponed her honeymoon plans to fulfill her work commitments.

The actress, who married Hollywood agent Jim Toth last month, has put her plans on hold to promote her latest film "Water For Elephants", which also stars Robert Pattinson, reports dailystar.co.uk.

When asked about her postponed honeymoon during an interview with Access Hollywood, Witherspoon jokes, "This is a honeymoon! Come on - in here with all of you? I will be on my honeymoon soon, and none of you are invited".

Monday, April 04, 2011

Miley Cyrus`s Sex Doll

What’s making Miley Cyrus really mad these days? Apparently, the star is seeking legal advice after discovering a sex doll designed in her likeness is being sold.

The singer was notified that a range of blow-up dolls called 'Finally Miley' is being sold by a company called Pipedream Products.

"We are completely sold out already," Pipedream Products representative Kevin Johnson said.

"It's been on the market for less than 48 hours.

"We haven't received a ‘cease and desist’ letter from her attorneys yet, but I have seen those rumours circling online," he added.

Adrianne Curry Topless in Beach

Adrianne Curry is in Hawaii so she posted some shots of her topless and in her bikini on her Twitter. Adrianne’s Twitter feed is maybe the best one out there because she is a nerd who talks about games and sci-fi/fantasy stuff, but she also looks hot and posts pics of herself wearing very little or nothing. It is like the perfect storm of events hot girl, nakedness, nerdy stuff. Just thinking about it makes my head ready to burst.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Audrina Patridge in Bikini Pictures

Audrina Patridge on the Beach in Santa Monica.

Audrina Patridge was on the beach in a super bright bikini in Santa Monica yesterday. The reality starlet was enjoying the sand and sun, and was also getting paid for it -- she was also doing a photo shoot!

The former Hills star sported a neon bikini while playing with a big red beach ball and frolicking in the sand. Audrina looked like she was having a great time, especially with her mom Lynn, who was also at the shoot.

She just got a new reality show (Audrina will air on VH1), so this gal definitely has a lot to smile about these days. Her mom will be featured on the show, and so will the rest of the fam -- including her young brother Marky, and sisters Casey and Samantha. It's a family affair!

Katy Perry Copying Lady Gaga?

Katy Perry makes the audience rise out of their seats, but her mom wants her delivering sermons, not songs.

Mary Perry Hudson, Katy's mother, is a California preacher who sees a different career path in her daughter's future.

Now, Hudson is proposing a book about raising Perry.

The book proposal details Perry's mom's disapproval of her cleavage-showing performance outfits, as well as her displeasure with her daughter's then-fiance (and now husband), Russel Brand.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Katie Holmes Explains Suri's PENIS Gummies ‎

Trying to bring up a child amid the constant media glare is definitely not like taking candy from a baby. Although, sometimes it does involve having to literally do so.

That's something Katie Holmes learned firsthand when pics popped up on the good old Internet of daughter Suri holding a box of gummies shaped like male genitalia. Not surprisingly, rumors ran rampant that Mommy had actually purchased the X-rated items for her little one.

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show set to air on Friday, the actress explains the embarrassing event.

"Recently, I took her to get ice cream in New York at this place called Serendipity that we go to all the time. It's for kids. The clientele is children," recalls Holmes. "We go in and we are waiting for a table and she grabs some gummies that are boy part gummies. I was horrified."

And, perhaps out of fear that Suri might be watching, Holmes proceeds to get more specific about the product by simply spelling it out .

"P-E-N-I-S gummies," she spells out. "I said, 'Oh wow, those aren't Swedish fish.' "

Obviously sensing that this could very well lead to not just a really bad Kodak moment, but an awkward birds-and-the bees kind of chat, Holmes quickly took action to get them out of her daughter's hands and back where they belonged.

"She was holding the box and I was like, 'OK, wow we don't need that right now,' " she tells DeGeneres. "Because I thought if I said put that back and then she's going to say, 'What is this?' And I really didn't want to have that conversation."

Kourtney Kardashian Feels `Like a Prostitute`

It seems that Kourtney Kardashian had a great time making her acting debut on One Life to Live this season! Minus, you know, the whole prostitute thing.

"I had to kiss somebody," she recalled during her and sister Kim Kardashian's latest trip to The Tonight Show.

"And I was, like, 'I feel like a prostitute.' You're being paid to kiss someone!"

But at least it was a handsome someone.