Thursday, August 31, 2006

Douglas 'not jealous' of Cat's career

Veteran actor Michael Douglas is happy to step aside so his wife can bask in the limelight, he says. He says the 25-year age gap between him and Welsh stunner Catherine Zeta Jones is good for their marriage because it eradicates any professional competition. The 61-year-old star says he lets Cat 'call the shots' because at 36 years of age she is 'in the prime of her career'. Douglas, who says he has 'been there and done that', adds that there is no competition between the couple for 'parts or attention'. He explains that on the red carpet, he is often asked by photographers to step aside so they can take a snap of his sexy celebrity wife on her own.'I have no problem with that and it makes for a more comfortable relationship,' the 'Basic Instinct' actor insists. And he isn't worried about competition from Catherine's younger co-stars because he believes she should be with someone older. 'I can see why it would be hard for her to be with someone closer to her own age,' Douglas adds. The pair, who wed nearly six years ago, have two children together.

Hilton's Sex acts are guided by her mum!

Hilton's sex acts are guided by her mum! Hotel heiress Paris Hilton's mum Kathy scared her so much of fellatio, that she refrained from performing it on her boyfriend till the time she was a teenager.The sexy socialite was told by her mother that the sex act would leave her with facial craters.And frightened Hilton insists she took mamma's words so seriously that she indulged in her first oral sex with ex-boyfriend Rick Soloman, the man who turned the couple's sex tape into porn hit "One Night In Paris," only after she turned 19."My mom told me that you get those holes in your face, craters... from giving blow jobs. I totally believed her. She's like, 'It's from sucking.' I'm like, 'Ewwww!' I told my boyfriend - he's like, 'Why don't you ever do that?' I'm like, 'Because my mom told me you get these craters.' And he's like, 'Paris, you're 19. You're allowed to do this,'" Contactmusic quoted the 25 year old, as saying."I've only done that (fellatio) with maybe three people in my life," added the Simple Life star.

Is Harry Potter going to die?

If rumours are to be believed then the world's most popular boy wizard Harry Potter may die in the next book.Actor Jim Dale, the voice of the teenage wizard in the US audio books, believes the seventh and final instalment will spell the end for Harry.He made the astonishing claim after meeting with the writer to discuss his characterisation of the parts."She's lived with Harry Potter so long she really wants to kill him off," he was quoted by the Mirror, as saying.
Predictions about the fate of Harry in the seventh book have enthralled millions worldwide.
No name or publication date have yet been released, although it is expected by early 2007 at the latest. Rowling has already revealed she has written its last chapter, in which Harry and his pals come of age.Dale did not expand on how the teenager meets his fate, but Rowling has hinted either he or arch enemy Voldemort may die.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Nude Britney Spears to Stimulate Tokyo

A nude photo of pregnant US pop singer Britney Spears was given the green light on Friday by a subway censorship board after being rejected for being too "stimulating".
The advertisement for the October issue of Harper's Bazaar features a nude and very pregnant Spears crossing her arms over her breasts was originally censored by subway operator Tokyo Metro Co.After a revision to the "stimulating" design that blacks out Spears from the waist down the subway operator deemed the advertisement as fit for commuters as it shows the joy of bearing a child."We decided to accept the photo as it is because it expresses maternal love and joy of bearing a child," the Tokyo Metro spokesman said. "By revising the design, the initial intention to convey the message is not served."The magazine intended to project the moment when women appear most elated in their lives, Keiko Murakami, publishing editor, said.After reluctantly accepting the censorship HB Japan said they would include a statement on the blackened portion explaining why the design was altered from the magazine cover.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Eva Longoria’s long wait for first orgasm!

“Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria is not embarrassed to admit she did not have an orgasm until she was 26 years old, insisting the wait was perfectly normal.The 31-year-old actress was married in her early 20s to fellow soap star Tyler Christopher and claims most women don't have orgasms until they're older, if they even manage to have them at all.“Most women never do. Nine out of ten of my girlfriends never experienced an orgasm before 30 or before a sex toy... or something else,” she was quoted by Contactmusic, as saying.Longoria made headlines earlier this year when she confessed buying her girlfriends vibrators as presents, saying at the time, “It's the best gift to give: an orgasm!”

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pitt expected at next month's Toronto film fest

New dad Brad Pitt is expected to show up at next month's Toronto International Film Festival.Pitt's film Babel made a splash at Cannes earlier this year but the star wasn't able to attend due to the birth of his daughter Shiloh with Angelina Jolie.
But organizers announced this morning that he's coming to the Toronto event, along with a laundry list of other celebs, including Russell Crowe, Jude Law, Reese Witherspoon, Dustin Hoffman, Pierce Brosnan and Sharon Stone.The Journals of Knud Rasmussen, directed by Zacharias Kunuk and Norman Cohn, will open the festival on Sept 7.

Love Scene Costs Jessica Alba Her Tooth

If there’s one thing that Jessica Alba is regretting these days, it would be the rough love scenes in her upcoming flick, for they resulted in her not only chipping a tooth, but also losing a pearly white.The ‘Sin City’ star showed off the gaps at an event for, an organization which helps empower and improve the self esteem of teenage girls, and revealed that she had lost her tooth while filming love scenes with her ‘Good Luck Chuck’ co-star Dane Cook.“We did all of our love scenes in one day and I chipped a tooth and I lost a tooth, isn't that disgusting? We're smashing our faces together, it's not the slowest, most romantic love scene,” quoted her, as saying.But Alba's publicist Brad Cafarelli is playing down the incident, stating, "She chipped a tooth and it was easily fixed."

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Pitt and Aniston to keep divorce private

The actor pair of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston has hired a judge so that details of their divorce can remain private.According to, the case will be conducted in private so the public will not be aware of the details. It will be negotiated in front of a temporary judge in his office.Jennifer had filed for divorce from Pitt in January citing "irreconcilable differences".
Celebrity divorce lawyer Raoul Felder said, "This is a rent-a-judge situation. It's something that can only be done in the state of California". The date set for completion of the divorce is June 30, 2007.

Jackson likes stripping for beau

Janet Jackson's beau Jermaine Dupri has been so successful in helping her overcome her shyness that she now even enjoys stripping for him.The normally super-shy song bird revealed that Dupri has managed to open a whole new world to her as far as the bedroom is concerned.
"I love it (stripping) because I know he loves it. I'm way more open, and I know that probably sounds crazy. But he's taken me places I haven't been before," Contactmusic quoted her, as telling Vibe magazine.And, it’s not only stripping that the singer is open to nowadays, but also sex toys and tapes.When asked by Vibe's Craig Seymour whether she would be okay with making sex videotapes with her beau, Jackson replied in the affirmative."Would you say you are a toys couple, a making movies couple, or an all out in public couple?" Seymour asked.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Brangelina’ bubble may burst soon

They are the sexiest couple in Hollywood, but family and friends are afraid that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will not be 'Brangelina' for much longer.Hollywood's golden couple have reportedly not been finding life together a bed of roses with constant fights and scraps putting an increasing strain on their relationship.While the two try to keep their relationship, that blossomed on the sets of Mr and Mrs Smith, on track, Ange is said to be buckling under the pressure of not only post-natal depression, but also the stress caused by her mother's illness, and the relentless media attention on them and their family.Pals say that Jolie in now desperate to escape the media circus surrounding her, and spend time travelling Africa while teaching her kids to be 'citizens of the world' – something Brad is not too keen on.
Also damaging their relationship is the fact that Pitt's family is still close to his ex wife, former 'Friends' star Jennifer Aniston, and the fact that his grandmother Betty Russell declared that the actor was not ready to tie the knot until he was sure that he and Jolie would be 'together for ever'.

A colleague was befriended by the actress while filming the hugely popular film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider said that the actress wants some 'sort of life', but she and Brad were being watched like “circus freaks”.“Having spoken to her, I just feel that Angelina is living like a caged animal. She and Brad are watched like circus freaks almost 24 hours a day, and I can't see how anyone can carry on like that. She wants something more than that sort of life and who can blame her?” the Daily Mail quoted the pal, as saying.“My concern is that she thinks Brad is completely on the same page and wants the same things, and I don't think he does. There's no doubt he is in love with her, but she carries a lot of baggage. She is most definitely not normal and that's one of the appealing things about her, but I think it takes someone pretty special as a partner to be able to deal with that. I think she just wants to run away,” the pal added.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pamela Anderson being starved of sex

Former Baywatch actress, Pamela Anderson says, that though she is enjoying her singlehood, she has been starved of sex lately.The sexy blonde reportedly claims to be single and says that she has not been getting any lovin' between the sheets, in a car, on a boat, or wherever.

"There's not a lot of mmm-mmm going on right now, I'm not dating. I'm definitely single," Zap2it quoted her as telling Extra.Though the actress has denied rumours of re-uniting with ex-husband Tommy Lee, she is still hopeful about wedded bliss.

"I'd love to get married again," she muses. "I mean being a single mom and working, you'd love to have a partner. But it just hasn't come about yet," said Anderson.

Jolie and Pitt getting married on Saturday?

The media was buzzing with the news of Hollywood stars brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. It was reported that, this week Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt would tie the knot and the venue was reported to be Villa Serbelloni.

Reportedly, the couple was to be wed by the town’s mayor on a pleasure boat on the lake Como and they and their guests were supposed to stay at the romantic Villa D’Este hotel, a luxurious 500-year-old estate with a marina, spa, three swimming pools and balconies overlooking the lake.

But, there won’t be any such marriage if the media reports are to be believed. According to ‘The Insider’, a representative of the hunky Hollywood star Brad Pitt has denied that any wedding will take place. So, seemingly there will be no Lake Como wedding on Saturday.

But, does it mean that all the possibility of the Agelina- Brad marriage is being ruled out?

No, it’s not. Paolo Moretti, an Italian reporter for Il Corriere Di Como is reported to have said, “We heard they are expected to arrive here in Como on Thursday or on Saturday.”

Jolie and Pitt Celebrate Maddox's Birthday

Proud parents ANGELINA JOLIE and BRAD PITT celebrated their adopted son MADDOX's fifth birthday last week (05AUG06) with their families and the youngster's school friends. American magazine Life + Style reports the FIGHT CLUB actor's parents BILL and JANE flew in two days early for the birthday bash at the couple's home in Santa Barbara. Other guests included Jolie's French actress mother MARCHELINE BERTRAND, and Pitt's siblings DOUG and JULIE, and 12 of Maddox's little pals. Maddox received a mountain of gifts to mark the special day, including a mini-dune buggy from his loving adoptive parents.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Petite Christina Ricci has no Allusions of Grandeur

Christina Ricci is convinced she'll never make it onto Hollywood's A-list because she's too short. The former child star fears her tiny stature rules her out of too many roles.She says, "I don't think that's ever going to happen for me. I'm five-one first thing in the morning, and I tend to look really small on camera. I can probably go as far as Holly Hunter went, then I think that's going to be it. I have a feeling I am way too small."

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Brad Pitt & Jolie sleeping in separate rooms!

Actress Angelina Jolie, who stayed at a Los Angeles hotel with her children two weeks ago, is back home with actor Brad Pitt, but sleeping in a separate room.The Academy Award-winning actress gave birth to the couple's daughter, Shiloh Nouvel, two months ago and said she wants to sleep near the baby, reported. Pitt is reportedly sleeping in a spare bedroom.

"She wants to keep an eye on her," a source said. "Brad needs his sleep, but he helps when he can."
Life Style Extra reprinted quotes from Grazia magazine, which quoted a source saying,

"Angelina has been telling friends she's unhappy because they talked about not working for a year after Shiloh was born."

Pitt has been filming "Oceans 13" in Las Vegas with friends Matt Damon and George Clooney.

"Angie knows George is a party hound who is surrounded by women 24/7. It isn't an ideal scenario for a guy with a family," an inside source told Grazia.

Jolie is feeling some post-partum depression and calls Pitt 10 times a day, an inside source told The Bosh.

"Brad has had to tell her, 'Stop smothering me!'" Grazia said.

Hudson splits from rocker hubby

Hollywood actress Kate Hudson has split from her rock star husband Chris Robinson after six years of marriage.Hudson's publicist Brad Cafarelli announced the break-up yesterday, but offered no details about the reason for the separation.Hudson, 27, married 'Black Crowes' lead singer Robinson, 39, on New Years Eve in 2000.The couple, who have a two-year-old son, Ryder, moved in together just four days after meeting at a New York party.But press reports suggest that their marriage did not live up to the excitement of their whirlwind romance.In a recent interview with Elle magazine, Hudson said that she didn't think anyone should take the step of getting married 'if they think it's going to be a fairy tale'.The daughter of Hollywood veteran Goldie Hawn also caused controversy last year when she told Access Hollywood that she didn't believe that monogamous relationships were realistic.But it could be that the antics of her husband's eccentric musician friends were the final nail in the coffin for the couple's marriage.'You, Me and Dupree' star Hudson revealed last month that she had 'trouble' dealing with Robinson's 'crazy friends' who liked to strip naked in front of the actress when they visited the couple's home.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Batman to Fatman

He is perhaps best Known for playing comic book superhero Batman on screen-while off-screen he has dated the likes of Cindy Crawford. But where a six-pack once rippled on Val Kilmer's chest, now stands what looks more like a rather large beer belly. As he strode out of the sea after taking a dip near his home in California, there appeared to be a lot more to Kilmer than once met the eye. Eleven year ago things werevery different.
Kilmer, then 35,strode impressively onto ourcinema screens in a PVC bodysuit to battle the likes of Jim Carrey's The Riddler in 1995's Batman Forever. But by the look of Val on the beach this week, he might well struggle to
get into those same rubbers nowdays "theres'really nothing like a Hollywood star on the beach -and Val looked really nothing like a Hollywood star in the beach," an onlooker joked. "He had this heaving great belly hanging over his shorts and flabby arms. it just shows you how quikly a man can lose definition in his body when he gets into his 40s and lets himself go a bit."

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hugh and Cry

Food for thought: Nicole Kidman

Playboy boss Hugh Hefner is desperate for Nicole Kidman to strip for his sexy men's magazine, because he has been ''bewitched''by her ever since he saw her perform in stage-play the blue Room.The magazine mogul fell for the Australian beauty's charms when she appeared nude on Broadway in 1999, with a performance that was described by critics as''theatrical Viagra''. He says,"(Kidman) bewitching, and the vision of her with a cigarette in one hand and her knickers in the other as a delicious French aupair will haunt my fantasies for months.I better add, she's a terirfic actress."

One of the Press

Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake has promised to invite the press to his wedding to Cameron Diaz, so they don't have to undergo the stress of keeping it secret. The Singer is horrified by the efforts other celebrities have to undergo to protect their privacy from the prying eyes of the world-and would rather share the pair's happy day with everyone. Timberlake who insists he has yet to set a date with Diaz-tells British magazine OK!,''It's a full-time job.To make lists,to choose a secret place and the subterfuge to forward the guests without the press getting involved to settle the orders with caterers. It is tiring in the end. when we've decided, I will be sure to invite you, all right?''

Lady of the Night

Natalie Portman plays a troubled hooker in her latest film,a Comedy called Johnny postal.

Natalie Portman is set to play a prostitute in her new movie.The V for Vendetta star is reportedly auditioning for the role of a troubled hooker in dark comedy Johnny
Postal. If she gets the part, Portman will star alongside Blondie singer Deborah Harry who is to play a''sex-crazed, biker b***h past her prime.''Another music star confirmed for the film is world famous DJ Roger Sanchez who plays a ''drug-dealing pimp.''Shooting on the movie starts this coming autumn and will take place in New York and New Jersey.
Meanwhile, Portman appears nude in her latest film.The actress will be seen completely naked during torture scenes in the upcoming historical drama Goya's Ghosts, which focuses on revered artist Francisco Goya. Portman plays Goya's muse, Alicia, and becomes embroiled in a religious scandal after she is accused of being a heretic by a monk.It is not the first time Portman has stripped off for a movie role.She previously exposed her body in the complex romantic drama
Closer, which also starred Jude Law, Julia Roberts and Clive Owen, but the explicit scenes were eventually cut.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Never Say Never Say Never - Colin Farrell

Newly teetotal star Colin Farrell refuses to promise he'll stay sober forever,because he has a bad history of breaking vows.The hellraising Irishman hasn't touch alcohol in six month after a spell in rehabilitation, but he admits he is constantly tempted.He say's,"I won't say I"ve given up drink for good-I've said too many 'good'in my life that didn't last.I haven't had a drink for six month.I had to stop.I was burning the candle at both ends and it finally met in the middle.And I can't do that any more because I don't just have myself to think of now,I have my son,too."

Monday, August 07, 2006

Julia Saves on Shampoo

Oscar winner Julia Roberts loves the way hairdresser Serge Normant does her hair so much that she refuses to wash it for at least two weeks after he styles it.The closer star desperately tries to preserve her special hair styles and says the secret is to not shampoo until the last second.She explains,"One of the tricks I've learned over the years is that I can milk a great style to the last possible second.Honestly, after he
does my hair, I won't do anything to it for two weeks.My hair doesn't get greasy very fast, so I can go a good ten days without washing it."

South African Model Nonkululeko Sibisi

It's a Derby Day!

South African model Nonkululeko Sibisi dressed up in
a 'Ndebele'African traditional outfit during a fashion
competition during the annual canon Gold Cup
horse race on saturday, in Durban, South Africa.
The canon Gold Cup horse race is one of the biggest
in the African continent and a high profile social
event, where South African celebrities dress up
and watch the race.The 12 races attract socialities
and racing enthusiasts from all over the country
and overseas.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Kevin Wants to be an Actor


Kevin Federline may still only be fledging pop star, be he's already eyeing a career on the big screen.Although he is trying to establish himself as a singer, he insists he's already to try out acting.However, he didn't even make it to his first audition.He says,"I've already been offered a couple of scripts.The most interesting one was a role as a drug dealer,starring Ben Affleck's brother Casey.I was supposedto audition,but I got really sick and couldn't make it."

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Charlotte Church's Fighting Fat

The 'Crazy Chick' singer who has always been proud of her voluptuous figure-has piled on the pounds recently and is now determined to lose weight.she said, "I'd like to get down to my fighting weight of size 8.There is lot of pressure on me to be slimmer.I get insecure just like everyone else does.The 20-years old star is currently filming her new TV series The All New Charlotte Church Shows and admits she worries about how she will look on screen.A source said,"TV can add at least 10 pounds on you.She really wants to be as trim and sexy as possible.Charlotte is also keen to slim down for her Welsh rugby star boyfriend Gavin Henson.

Friday, August 04, 2006

British Actress Elizabeth Hurley Gidding Up!

Actress Elizabeth Hurley has got raunchy with a sexy
new print campaign for jordache Jeans.The 41 year
ols mum sports a whip and tight denim trouser in the
posters, set for launch next hurley recently revealed
she'd ditched her wardrobe skimpy outfit after hitting
40 last year but the steamy shots reveal no reason
for body neurosis.
Liz Berlinger,President of Jordache Enterprises,
says of the new spokesmodel,"With sucessas an actress,
model,bussiness women and mother,Liz represents
every thing the Jordache brand is about. We chose
her because she is the true modern women."

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Breakup Tracker Celebrity

After Hollywood golden couple Bradd Pitt and Jennifer Aniston
abruptly divorced last year, we realized that when it comes to
celebrity couples, anything can happen. Here, we keep track
of the celebrity divorces and celebrity breakups in 2006...