Thursday, August 31, 2006

Douglas 'not jealous' of Cat's career

Veteran actor Michael Douglas is happy to step aside so his wife can bask in the limelight, he says. He says the 25-year age gap between him and Welsh stunner Catherine Zeta Jones is good for their marriage because it eradicates any professional competition. The 61-year-old star says he lets Cat 'call the shots' because at 36 years of age she is 'in the prime of her career'. Douglas, who says he has 'been there and done that', adds that there is no competition between the couple for 'parts or attention'. He explains that on the red carpet, he is often asked by photographers to step aside so they can take a snap of his sexy celebrity wife on her own.'I have no problem with that and it makes for a more comfortable relationship,' the 'Basic Instinct' actor insists. And he isn't worried about competition from Catherine's younger co-stars because he believes she should be with someone older. 'I can see why it would be hard for her to be with someone closer to her own age,' Douglas adds. The pair, who wed nearly six years ago, have two children together.