Monday, July 28, 2008

Paris Hilton slams Cristiano Ronaldo Link-Up

Socialite Paris Hilton has laughed off reports linking her to Cristiano Ronaldo, insisting that she hasn't even met the soccer ace.

The 'Simple Life' star reportedly tried to get the sportstar's attention after she spotted him at a Hollywood nightclub.

But now, Paris has claimed that the meeting never happened and she has eyes for only one man - Good Charlotte star Benji Madden, her boyfriend. "I'm so in love with my boyfriend I don't even look at other guys," Contactmusic quoted her, as saying.

The stunner very well knows how romance stories about her spread.

"I think, literally, there's reporters outside (clubs) with the paparazzi and they can't get into (nightclub) Villa and places like this. They see two celebrities walk in and they automatically link them... They concoct all these stories," she added.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jessica Simpson reeling under sex tape rumours

Jessica Simpson reportedly reeling from the news that a sex tape starring her and ex-hubby Nick Lachey has hit the internet.

In the alleged X-rated home video, the 25-year-old star is said to be seen engrossed in various sexual acts with Lachey.

“Jessica is horrified her name and sex tape are being mentioned in the same sentence. She’’s always been a girl of high morals and principles,” quoted a source, as telling Britain’’s Daily Sport newspaper.

Reports suggest that the tape does exist and has now landed in the hands of people who were behind making the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex video public.

It is also said that these miscreants are now threatening Jessica that they would leak the tape if she fails to pay an undisclosed sum of money to keep the tape a secret.

While Nick is now dating MTV presenter Vanessa Minnillo, Jessica is dating American football star Tony Romo.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Penelope Cruz still haunted by dark days

Actress Penelope Cruz is still haunted by the dark days of her initial Hollywood career.

The 34-year-old actress revealed that she hates to revisit Los Angeles hangout the Sunset Marquis, where she stayed with two stray cat pets while shooting for her first English-language film The Hi-Lo Country.

The Volver star said that she felt miserable and lonely.

"Many times I would pick up the phone and realise there was no one to call because I didn't have any friends," Contactmusic quoted her as saying.

"The experience means a trip back to the Sunset Marquis to meet friends or directors is never one she enjoys.

"I cannot even look at those rooms now. I have a weird physical reaction. Everything comes back from those years," she added.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jealous Paris Hilton Desperate for a Baby!

Jealous of good-pal Nicole Richie grabbing headlines with her baby, Paris Hilton has now hit on the only way to put her back into news — a baby of her own.

Desperately trying to follow suit with Richie, the 27-year-old socialite is trying for a baby with beau Benji Madden after only six-months of courtship.

“She’’s jealous of all the attention [best friend] Nicole Richie has been getting and knows she’’s fallen off in the tabs lately,” The New York Post quoted a pal, as saying.

The friend added: “A baby would put her back in the news.”

And to make sure that she gets what she wants, Hilton is even swearing off drugs and booze.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Madonna Wanted to Sleep With Me

Former Yankee baseball star Jose Canseco claims that not only did Queen of Pop Madonna want to sleep with him, but that she wanted him to father her child.

Canseco revealed to Us magazine that Madonna begged him for 'some of his genes' so that she could give her daughter Lourdes a Cuban sibling.

"She had a Cuban child and wanted another one. She wanted to get married and have a child with me," he said.

Canseco recalls, "We went downstairs [at her house in the Hollywood Hills] and she came over and said, 'What would you do if I kissed you?' and then sat on my lap and kissed me."

And, he's claiming that Madge even offered to support him if he split with his wife.

"She said, 'I have lots of money. Don't worry about that,'" he reveals. Madonna is currently busy denying claims that she was having an affair with baseball star Alex Rodriguez.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's celebrate birth of the 'Brangelina' twins

Hollywood’s golden couple now have a golden boy and girl, after the “Brangelina” twins were born in southern France.

The actress Angelina Jolie, 33, had them by Caesarean section at the Lenval hospital on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, with her partner, Brad Pitt, the father of the babies, believed to be at her side.

The girl and boy, named Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon, mean that the couple, dubbed “Brangelina” in the media, now have a total of six children.

Exclusive rights to the first photographs of the babies have been sold for $11 million (£6 million) to an unnamed US magazine, reported the newspaper Nice Matin, which broke the news of the birth yesterday. The couple intend to give the money to charity, it said.

After the couple’s first child, Shiloh, was born in Namibia in 2006, worldwide photo rights were sold to People magazine for between $5-7 million.

“The parents and the babies are in excellent health. Everything is fine,” Jolie’s doctor, Michel Sussman, said.

The couple, who first announced their relationship in 2005 after acting together in the film Mr and Mrs Smith, have adopted three children – Maddox, 6, Pax, 4, and Zahara, 3 – from Cambodia, Vietnam and Ethiopia, respectively.

Vivienne Marcheline weighed 2.27kg (5lb) and her brother an almost identical 2.28kg, according to Dr Sussman. He believed that the girl may be named after Jolie’s mother, the actress Marcheline Bertrand, who died in January 2007 after a 7½-year battle with cancer.

Marcheline Bertrand raised Jolie and her brother, James Haven, after divorcing their father, the actor Jon Voight, when Jolie was a toddler.

Jolie arrived at the Lenval hospital in late June by helicopter from the Provence villa where she and Pitt had been staying with their other children.

Dr Sussman said that the Caesarean delivery had been planned for a long time but the date was brought forward for medical reasons.

Jolie first confirmed that she was expecting twins during an interview at the Cannes film festival in May. As the world’s paparazzi descended on Nice yesterday, Dr Sussman said that Jolie was expected to remain in the hospital for a few more days.

Before the birth, the Mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, told the Associated Press that the twins would always be considered honorary citizens of the city, regardless of whether they sought French citizenship.

Miss Venezuela wins Miss Universe 2008 Award

Miss Venezuela Dayana Mendoza was crowned Miss Universe 2008 at the Crown Convention Center in Nha Trang, Vietnam, Monday.

The 22-year-old Miss Venezuela edged a fellow Latina, Miss Colombia Taliana Vargas, who won 1st runner-up.

The second, third and fourth runners-up were Miss Dominican Republic, Miss Russia and Miss Mexico, respectively.

"Actually, God made men and women different. But the big difference between women and men--it doesn't matter what kind of life they live--is that men think that the faster way to go to a point is to go straight. Women, no. The faster way to go to a point is to go through curves and fixing every curve," Miss Venezuela answered international judge Louis Lacari.

Before the special announcement, Miss Venezuela, who is into interior design and learning new languages, was among the crowd favorites.

She wore a beautiful yellow night gown when given the 18K white and yellow gold crown, which was valued at $120,000. She is the 57th Miss Universe.

The crown was given to her by Miss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori of Japan.

Earlier, the Miss Congeniality category was awarded to Rebeca Moreno of El Salvador and the Best National Costume award was handed to Miss Thailand Gavintra Photijak.

The show was hosted by Jerry Springer as well as former Spice Girl Mel B. The judges panel comprises of Donald Trump Jr., (executive vice president of the Trump Organization); Roberto Cavalli (fashion designer and entrepreneur); Nadine Velazquez (international cover girl); Jennifer Hawkins (television presenter and Miss Universe 2004); Louis Licari (celebrity colorist and “Today Show” ambush makeover expert) and John Nguyen (vice chairman of Hoan Cau, LTD Investment and Construction).

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Scarlett Johansson Reveals Car Sex Fantasy

American actress Scarlett Johansson revealed that if she was ever in a kinky frame of mind, she would like to have sex in a car.

Scarlett, who announced her engagement to actor Ryan Reynolds in May (08), admitted to having the fantasy.

“Sex in a car. If I were in a really raunchy frame of mind wanting something crazy and kinky, the back seat would be it," Contactmusic quoted her as saying.

Scarlett and Reynolds have been dating since February 2007, shortly after Reynolds broke off his engagement to singer Alanis Morissette.

They had made their first appearance as an engaged couple at New York's Metropolitan Museum Costime Institute Gala on May 5.

Rihanna Won't Pose Nude for Playboy

Barbadian singer-model Rihanna says that she will never pose naked for Playboy because she fears her mother will kill her if she did so.

The 'Umbrella' singer said that she was not shy about stripping off for work, but still she would never want to do a photo shoot in the buff.

"I am only 20 so my mother would kill me if I posed nude!," British tabloid The Sun quoted her as saying.

The star also said she did the metallic body paint stuff for her video, and not to show her body.

"I didn't do it for people to like me. I did it because it was a cool visual, unexpected, and it looked hot," she said.

"I have done a lot of photo shoots for magazines but it's always great to be shot for a cover because you know that you are looked at as a fashion icon," she added.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Pamela Busts into Big Brother

PAMELA Anderson busted into the Big Brother house with all the glitz and glamour that was to be expected of the former Playboy bunny.

Described by Kyle and Jackie O as "the ultimate intruder," housemate Rory met the former Baywatch beauty inside the diary room before escorting her into the house on his arm.

In a plunging red mini dress, the perma-tanned, platinum blonde left housemates flabbergasted, prompting Travis to ask "Are you the real Pamela Anderson?"

The blonde bombshell had briefly dazzled them just minutes before from behind a glass screen, where the housemates thought she was another celebrity impersonator they needed to photograph as part of their weekly task.

The remaining housemates, who have been inside the Gold Coast complex for 73 days now, will have the pleasure of the sex symbol's company for 3 days.

The male housemates were visibly overjoyed at Anderson's arrival.

"Dude, she is 'smokin" exclaimed Cherry.

Alice's feelings were made known by her comment, "I'm not sunbaking next to her!"

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Paris Hilton Makes Partying Her Business

Here is a reason why Paris Hilton never misses out on a good party she gets paid to be there.

The hotel heiress insists that her party girl image is not really her, and that whenever she goes to an event, its because she has got a nice paycheque to be there.

“When they see me at parties, I am actually getting paid to be there. There is no such thing as bad publicity,” Contactmusic quoted her, as saying.

Paris also revealed that those she wants to get a tattoo, shes been banned from doing so by boyfriend Benji Madden, who wants her to remain pure.

“He is going to get one of me but he won’t let me get one. He doesn’t like tattoos on women. He thinks I look pure,” she said.