Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Pamela Busts into Big Brother

PAMELA Anderson busted into the Big Brother house with all the glitz and glamour that was to be expected of the former Playboy bunny.

Described by Kyle and Jackie O as "the ultimate intruder," housemate Rory met the former Baywatch beauty inside the diary room before escorting her into the house on his arm.

In a plunging red mini dress, the perma-tanned, platinum blonde left housemates flabbergasted, prompting Travis to ask "Are you the real Pamela Anderson?"

The blonde bombshell had briefly dazzled them just minutes before from behind a glass screen, where the housemates thought she was another celebrity impersonator they needed to photograph as part of their weekly task.

The remaining housemates, who have been inside the Gold Coast complex for 73 days now, will have the pleasure of the sex symbol's company for 3 days.

The male housemates were visibly overjoyed at Anderson's arrival.

"Dude, she is 'smokin" exclaimed Cherry.

Alice's feelings were made known by her comment, "I'm not sunbaking next to her!"