Saturday, September 30, 2006

Coming Soon: A season full of Ash!

Aishwarya Rai may have lost Sexiest Aisan Woman crown to Priyanka Chopra but millions of hearts still skip the beat when Ash dazzles on silverscreen.

Come November and the talented actress would be seen in two strikingly different avtaars in Dhoom 2 and Umrao Jaan. Interestingly, Aishwarya’s look in Umrao Jaan is completely opposite of her suave and slick avtaar in Dhoom 2.

If she’s looking like a million bucks in the exquisitely designed costumes as Umrao, she’s at her sizzling best in the skimpily clad outfits in Yash Raj Film's sequel.

Anna Singh who designed clothes for the actress in Dutta's epic tells, "To dress Ash is the ultimate dream because her beauty supersedes the most stunning creation. Her costumes matched the phases of her life—from being a simple girl to the glam mujrewali Umrao Jaan Ada to her being heartbroken and finally growing old."

Even though she has not had a big hit film in a long time, yet the actress has her own high brand value. Another interesting thing is that both the films have Abhishekh Bachchan. If he’s romancing her in Umrao Jaan, he’d be seen chasing her in Dhoom 2.

The two will be also be seen together in Mani Ratnam’s Guru and Sarkar 2.

Sarkar 2’ will also be the second film to bring Amitabh Bachchan , Abhishek and Aishwarya together on the big screen. The trio previously jammed together for the song “Kajra Re” in the last year’s hit Bunty Aur Babli.

In Ramu’s film, however, their roles will be properly fleshed out. It'll show Abhishek becoming the head of the clan. Amitabh will have relatively lesser footage. Aishwarya will play the woman who loves Abhi and opposes his involvement in the underworld activities.

But will they create the Kajra Re magic again only time will tell....

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Trouble brewing between Hugh-Jemima?

Seems all is not well between Hugh Grant and his supposed fiancée Jemima Khan, as despite sitting next to each other in the front row, the two reportedly looked perturbed at a show during the London fashion week.The pair appeared to be giving each other the cold shoulder as they sat uncomfortably side by side at the revival of iconic Sixties label Biba at the British Museum, reports the Daily Mail.Sources say Grant and Khan arrived on time but were annoyed to learn the catwalk show was running an hour late. They went back outside, where they supposedly had a tiff, but like decent guests patched up things and came back to take their seats in the front row.Earlier reports suggest that the couple have secretly got engaged, but have postponed their wedding till 2008. However, judging by the way things happened in the actor's previous long-term relationship with Liz Hurley, it seems nothing is ever straightforward.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Pam's lapdance video rocks Netspace!

She may be happily married to rocker Kid Rock, but it’s Pamela Anderson steamy lapdance for another man that is making the rounds of the internet.As for the man in question, well he happens to be none other than controversial DJ Howard Stern.The buxom Baywatch babe is seen wearing a transparent white polo neck jumper, and a miniscule mini-skirt while caressing her 36DD boobs and showing off her shapely bottom to the DJ, reports The Sun.Viewers can not only enjoy Anderson showing off her assets to the best, but can also her hear her as she tells Stern that though she’s a “closet stripper”, she’s not afraid of doing a lapdance."I'm a closet stripper. I'm not scared (of doing a lapdance)," she is heard telling Stern.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Nude photos of Princess Margaret up for grabs

A collection of 70 photographs scheduled for sale this week in Britain contains a 44-year-old picture of Princess Margaret nude in a Kensington Palace bathtub.The picture of the Queen's 32-year-old sister was taken by Lord Snowdon only two years after her marriage. The 76-year-old society photographer has decided to put it on public display and sell 50 prints for 2,000 pounds each.It comes after the much-publicised Christie's auction in June, in which the couple's son Viscount Linley raised just under £14million in a 'clearance' sale of his mother's possessions.In the photo, taken in 1962, Princess Margaret's hair is immaculately styled and she wears the stunning Poltimore tiara while bars of soap and a sponge sit on the bath edge and towels are draped in the background.However royal insiders believe the Queen will find the pictures’ release highly embarrassing."I shouldn't think the Queen will be very pleased about this. Not only is the setting of the photograph somewhat vulgar, but it seems to be something of a tongue-in-cheek look at her way of life. She in particular could be fairly offended by it," the Daily Mail quoted a Royal insider as saying.But the late princess’ ex-husband says that he did not believe the picture is risqué."She was so beautiful, very beautiful and great, great fun. It is quite decent isn't it? It is more decent than somebody wearing an evening dress," the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

John Travolta is not Gay!

Actor John Travolta's attorney is defending his client against gay rumours after he was photographed kissing another man before flying on board his private jet.According to, publicists say the kiss was harmless and that Travolta's wife was present on the plane.Attorney Martin Singer says: "As a manner of customary greeting and saying farewell, Mr. Travolta kisses both women and men whom he considers to be extremely close friends. People who are close to Mr. Travolta are aware of his customary, non-romantic gesture."But body language expert Lillian Glass thinks otherwise and says the kiss is more than a friendly gesture.She says: "Travolta appears to be really enjoying it. His head is leaning upwards, his lips are puckered, his body is leaning in to the guy. It appears to be quite intimate."

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ex-lover reveals Arnie's wild past!

For most politicians a book detailing past infidelities, marijuana use and even an unknowing cameo in a gay porno film would be most unwelcome just two months before a re-election bid.Yet when California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's first serious girlfriend wrote a memoir that is being published this week, he embraced the project, offering a foreword and lengthy interview for the 325-page tome.Barbara Outland Baker, 58, met Schwarzenegger in 1969 shortly after he arrived from Austria and they dated for six years, living together for four of them, a time during which he became the world's most famous muscleman."For six years, I lived to inhale the essence of Arnold Schwarzenegger," Baker writes in her book "Arnold and Me: In the Shadow of the Austrian Oak.""Since our time ended, I have lived to exorcise his power over my psyche. I have not mastered this particular talent, however; the longer we have been apart, the more I realize I can never escape this man's shadow."

In an interview, Baker, who teaches writing at a college in Southern California, said Schwarzenegger's oversized persona still affects her life three decades after they broke up.

"Of course I am not in love with Arnold! Once he gets in your skin, there is just no total letting go because of the frequency in which you hear about him and so the world makes me react to him all the time," she said. "So he is far more active in my psyche than an old boyfriend would otherwise be."

Although Schwarzenegger's wild past was a big issue in the 2003 campaign that brought him to office, the subject has not been an issue in his effort to win a second term and the Republican is far ahead in polls.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Secrets of the Pretty Woman’s Sexiness

When it comes to the scent of a woman, British actor Rupert Everett reveals that Julia Roberts has a unique body of her own that of sweat.In his autobiography “Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins”, Everett revealed that unlike most Hollywood beauties, his ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ co-star did not reek of expensive perfume, but instead smelt “vaguely of sweat” – something he found extremely sexy.

“Julia smelt vaguely of sweat, which I thought was very sexy,” the Daily Mail quoted him, as saying.Everett also added that like Madonna, the ‘Pretty Woman’ also has a “male quality” to her, something that helps her survive in the movie business, without being taken for a ride by “executive seagulls”.“There is a male quality to the female superstar. There has to be. If a girl is going to survive in Hollywood ... Flocks of executive seagulls will try to take her and drop her onto the rocks. She must learn to f*** them before they f*** her if she is to survive, so she becomes a kind of she-man, a beautiful woman with invisible balls. After sex with a man, she fights the desire to eat him,” he states in his book.“For him, and all the hims like him, the smell of her sweat is a strange and powerful reminder, attractive and terrifying, of who is wearing the trousers. It marks him out as her territory,” he adds.Everett also reveals that when it comes to her work, Julia Roberts is a “beautiful” woman who is “tinged with madness” – a quality, he insists, is compulsory to make a “legendary” movie star.“Julia was beautiful and tinged with madness, that obligatory ingredient for a legendary film star. Most of the time she was a calm, practical earth mother, curled up on a director’s chair in a cardigan with her knitting needles and a bag of wool. But sometimes she would rear up like an untamed filly, with flared nostrils and rolling eyes at some invisible lasso,” he says.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Madonna and hubby start using sex schedule

Celebrity couple Madonna and Guy Ritchie have reportedly started using a sex schedule to set their love life back on track.With reports of their marriage being on the rocks dodging the couple wherever they go, it seems that they have now decided to take matters into their own hands to rescue their allegedly ailing union.Madonna and Guy have come up with a plan to completely devote themselves to each other three times a week, including making love."They‘ve made appointments to have a ‘connection‘ with each other three times a week. Madonna has also requested ‘M time‘ each week, when she will talk to Guy about her career and he will offer advice. Both Madonna and Guy have also agreed to make specific concessions for one another,” Life Style Extra quoted a pal, as telling Grazia magazine.The film director has promised his superstar wife, who recently turned 48, that he will cut down the amount of time he spends on his Playstation games console, and that he will limit his trips to the pub.In return, Madonna has promised to cook for her husband once a month and never to spend more than 10 days apart from him and their children - Rocco, six, and nine-year-old Lourdes, her daughter from fitness instructor Carlos Leon.

Friday, September 01, 2006

My guests strip in font of me: Kate

Hollywood beauty Kate Hudson struggles to handle her husband Chris Robinson's crazy house guests, because they regularly strip naked in front of her.Hudson, who has been married to The Black Crowes frontman for five years, has learned to cope with Robinson's eccentric musician friends shedding their clothing every time they visit the couple's home."There are two musician friends, English friends of ours, and I have seen their penises one too many times and you're just going, she was quoted by Contactmusic, as saying.'Why is it necessary for you to be walking around my house naked?' or 'Why do you think it's funny to flash me your penis?' "But they do and it makes them who they are and I love them for it," she added.

Now, Penelope Cruz does a 'Nipplegate'!

Penelope Cruz has become the latest leading lady to become a part of the 'nipplegate' club, which already hosts the likes of Janet Jackson, Tara Reid and Paris Hilton.According to The Sun, the actress gave waiting snappers a real eyeful when her bikini top slipped to reveal her assets while she went for a dip in the ocean.The 32-year old Latina was sharing a cruise on the ocean off Ibiza with her mom Encarna Sanchez when she decided to go for a swim.Waiting photographers then got the perfect view of the Vanilla Sky actress in the few seconds that it took her to settle her top once again.

Scarlet Johansson defends Onscreen Sex

Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson has revealed that she loves her sexy image, insisting that intimate bedroom scenes on screen are not distracting.
The actress has angrily dismissed claims that her steamy sex scene in new movie ‘The Black Dahlia’ is an unnecessary distraction.In the film, Johansson enjoys a sizzling romp with Hartnett and critics have complained they found it difficult to concentrate following the raunchy scene."Of course it's nice to be considered sexy, as a young woman in my prime. But I try not to think about the sexiness. "And I never think about it being distracting from a scene," Contactmusic quoted her, as saying.The 21-year-old beauty plays the woman caught between cops Josh Hartnett and Aaron Eckhart, who are investigating the real-life unsolved murder of a wannabe actress whose mutilated body was discovered in Los Angeles in 1947.