Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Nude photos of Princess Margaret up for grabs

A collection of 70 photographs scheduled for sale this week in Britain contains a 44-year-old picture of Princess Margaret nude in a Kensington Palace bathtub.The picture of the Queen's 32-year-old sister was taken by Lord Snowdon only two years after her marriage. The 76-year-old society photographer has decided to put it on public display and sell 50 prints for 2,000 pounds each.It comes after the much-publicised Christie's auction in June, in which the couple's son Viscount Linley raised just under £14million in a 'clearance' sale of his mother's possessions.In the photo, taken in 1962, Princess Margaret's hair is immaculately styled and she wears the stunning Poltimore tiara while bars of soap and a sponge sit on the bath edge and towels are draped in the background.However royal insiders believe the Queen will find the pictures’ release highly embarrassing."I shouldn't think the Queen will be very pleased about this. Not only is the setting of the photograph somewhat vulgar, but it seems to be something of a tongue-in-cheek look at her way of life. She in particular could be fairly offended by it," the Daily Mail quoted a Royal insider as saying.But the late princess’ ex-husband says that he did not believe the picture is risqué."She was so beautiful, very beautiful and great, great fun. It is quite decent isn't it? It is more decent than somebody wearing an evening dress," the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.