Saturday, January 24, 2009

Johansson, Knowles have good figures: Anne Hathaway

Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway has raved about Scarlett Johansson and Beyonce Knowles for their curvy figures and praised the pair as good role models for youngsters.

“The Devil Wears Prada” star has recently been lambasted for being too skinny, although the 27-year-old is adamant she is a "normal shape", reported

Hathaway has hailed Johansson, Knowles, and fellow actress Reese Witherspoon for projecting healthy body images at a time when super-slim is often seen as an ideal.

"I don't think its just Hollywood that gives out that message. As a society we put out these unrealistic body images to young women, ” Hathaway said.

She added: "I'm a normal shape and Scarlett Johansson is not a skinny girl. Beyonce Knowles looks after herself and has a beautiful body. While, Reese Witherspoon looks great."

Friday, January 23, 2009

Dita Von Teese to perform striptease at Paris revue

Burlesque star Dita Von Teese is set to take the French audiences by storm as she returns to perform striptease at Paris' most famous nude revue.

The 36-year-old star has been booked in for a two-week run at the Crazy Horse in the French capital, where she also plans to show off musical skills.

"I feel that Paris is a place that still appreciates its showgirls. I feel I have to raise the bar," The Sun quoted her as saying.

"I've always had a real fascination with the Crazy Horse ever since I was a teenager and I found a picture of this line of nearly nude toy soldiers standing at attention. (I want to) combine the Crazy Horse style with what I do, which is classic American burlesque," she added.

Von Tesse will be performing at the songs she has recorded. The show will begin on February 1 and run through to Valentine's Day.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gwyneth Paltrow strips for Two Lovers

Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow has stripped for the first time in her career for a raunchy phone sex scene in her latest movie “Two Lovers”. reports that the actress bares in a scene in the film to entice a neighbour, played by actor Joaquin Pheonix.

Set in New York, the film centres around Phoenix's character Leonard, who after splitting up with his long-term partner moves back in with his parents.

His parents attempt to set him up with a family friend Michelle, played by Paltrow, who lives in the same apartment block.

Michelle attempts to lure Leonard with saucy antics, including phone sex and in another scene with some bedroom action.

“Two Lovers” is expected to release in March.

Paltrow has earlier been photographed ripping to her lingerie for a photo shoot to promote the DVD release of her 2008 movie "Iron Man".

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I am a serious and shy girl: Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton, who is sometimes perceived as a bimbo, insists that she is a very serious and shy girl.

“Many people think that I am a spoilt airhead. But I am a lot more serious and shy,” quoted Hilton as saying.

Paris Hilton, who split with her boyfriend Benji Madden last year, said she does not want to move into any other relationship now and doesn't even talk to men.

“I am a very old fashioned girl and I make men take me out for a million dates before they get a kiss. People are surprised because they think I have been through so many men, but it is not true. I do not really talk to guys,” she said.

“I am not ready to move into another relationship. I think it will be good for me to be alone and find out who I am. One day I will find someone, but for now I do not want to be with anyone,” she added.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kate Winslet felt awkward in sex scenes with DiCaprio

Actress Kate Winslet was nervous during her sex scenes with actor Leonardo DiCaprio in the new movie "Revolutionary Road", with her husband Sam Mendes directing.

"Kate seemed very nervous. She kept on saying, 'This feels so weird'. I just told her, 'It doesn't feel weird to me - it's only acting'. Then Sam broke the tension by telling me how and where to hold Kate's bottom. He said, 'Put your hand here', showing me the position. After that, Kate just went for it, like the great actress she is. I can't think of anyone in the world of her generation who is better," reported DiCaprio as saying.

Dicaprio and Winslet became good friends ever since they starred together in "Titanic".

He said: "The director, Jim Cameron, had his own way of doing things and that was tough for us to get our heads around. That film had been his vision for years and he had to be in charge. We were young, inexperienced and were exhausted from filming. We only had each other and confided our feelings. It was never more than a close friendship - and that has lasted right up to today.

"Kate became one of my best friends and we've always been in touch. If we've not had a chance to meet, then we email each other. When I had the chance to work with her again in 'Revolutionary Road', I didn't have to think twice. I knew the script and I knew the scenes we were going to do in front of Sam. I just didn't think it was going to be a problem."

Thursday, January 08, 2009

I have Only Slept With A Couple Of People: Paris Hilton

Socialite heiress Paris Hilton claims she has had sex only with "a couple" of partners.

The announcement came contrary to the singer-actress' image as she is one of Hollywood's most notorious party girls and is rarely seen without a man on her arm.

In recent years, she has been on and off of various relationships like with model Jason Shaw and Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis, Backstreet Boy band member Nick Carter, film producer Rick Salomon and another Greek shipping heir, Stavros Niarchos III.

The socialite and hotel heiress - who recently split from her Good Charlotte rocker beau Benji Madden - says she respects herself too much to just have sex with anyone.

She tells Glamour magazine, "I've only done it (had sex) with a couple of people. People make up stories, but mostly I just kiss.

"I think it's important to play hard to get. Nobody wants the fake Prada bag; they want the brand new bag that no one can get and is the most expensive.

"If you give it up to a guy he won't respect you; he'll want you much more if he can't have you."

Monday, January 05, 2009

The Office Star Jenna Fischer Tells the Naked Turth Story

"The Office" star Jenna Fischer donned skimpy lingerie in the hilarious "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story" early in 2008. But while most starlets are scared of flashing the flesh in front of dozens on a film set, Fischer actually thought this was way better then doing it at home.

"In your house you don't have a team of people lighting you perfectly. They can light your cellulite so you see it or don't see it; it's the most amazing thing. They can put makeup on your legs, you try on hundreds of outfits until you find the one that looks the most perfect on you," Fischer told Tarts. "It really has nothing to do with whether you're in shape or not. They can do pretty amazing things with any body type."

So while "The Office" hottie was okay taking it off for the lights and camera, she was a little shocked by the experience leading up to it.

Tara Reid Checks Out of Rehab

Tara Reid has checked herself out of rehab less than one month after entering Promises Treatment Center.

The 33-year-old actress left the treatment center in Malibu, Calif., on Saturday and is doing well. Her family is "very positive about this being the new beginning for her" and is "taking steps to do everything they can to help Tara keep on the right track," according to People.

When Reid entered rehab in December, her camp would not disclose what she was being treated for.

Back in October, Reid told the magazine that she was a "social drinker" and enjoyed an occasional glass of wine, but that her partying days were over.

Do you think Tara's party days are in the past?

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Khloe Kardashian Poses Nude for PETA

Fans of E! Television's hit reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians know that Khloe Kardashian is no shrinking violet. Probably the most outspoken of the Kardashian clan, Khloe tells it like it is, so we were thrilled when we got the chance to show her exactly what the fur industry does to animals. The end result is PETA's gorgeous new "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" ad starring none other than Khloe herself.

Khloe and her family have taken not only Hollywood but the entire country by storm. Everyone wants to know what she and her famous siblings are up to, who their dates are, and what they are wearing. In Khloe's case, rest assured that it won't be fur.

The self-proclaimed animal lover admitted that she had no idea what happened to animals killed for their fur until a few of our videos opened up her eyes. "The videos are so graphic but they are so necessary for people to watch. I'm so grateful that I did get the opportunity to see them. I had no idea that's how these animals are treated."

Khloe says she agreed to pose naked because she wants people to know that she is serious about the fur campaign and that she wanted to do her part.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Carmen Electra's Saucy Striptease Bash For Beau

Actress Carmen Electra threw a cheeky birthday bash for fiance Rob Patterson by hiring a group of male and female strippers.

The former Baywatch star arranged for a female stripper to burst out of a cake as a birthday surprise for her beau, according to sources.

But the curvy actress soon got into the action and received a sexy lap dance from the two hunks, reports The Sun.

The party was broadcasted on E! Online’s reality show Party Monsters: Cabo.

Meanwhile, the actress is planning a long engagement with Patterson, as she does not want her new marriage to end in divorce, in spite of the fact that her family and friends are forcing her to zero upon a date.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Paris Hilton Sex Partner Accused of Brutality

Rick Salomon, Paris Hilton's sex tape partner, is being sued by a woman who claims he and his roommate are responsible for a brutal beating.

In a lawsuit filed Tuesday in L.A. County Superior Court, Gertrude Harutunian claims Salomon hosted a drug-fueled party last July at his home in the Hollywood Hills,. The alleged drugs of choice -- cocaine, meth, pot and alcohol which were "freely given out."

Harutunian claims the drugs and alcohol caused Buddy Segal, his roommate, to pull Harutunian from a bed by her hair, "strike, hit and throw" her while Salomon watched. She claims Segal then dragged her across a room to a shower and threw her inside as "Salomon watched and conspired with Segal to hurt and injure [her]."

Harutunian is seeking unspecified damages.

And here's a fun fact... the Salomon house was once owned by a close friend of OJ Simpson. Simpson used to visit the home frequently before he killed Nicole. During Simpson's murder trial there was testimony by a guest at a party that Simpson once struck Nicole in the guest house on the property. It's the only eyewitness who ever testified he saw Simpson brutalize Nicole.

Lindsay Lohan Looks Great in Black Bikini at the Beach

While Samantha Ronson traveled to South Beach with Lindsay Lohan, she wasn't tagging along when Lindsay hit the beach. Ronson who is recovering from a bout of exhaustion told People, "I'm doing much better," says Ronson, who briefly visited Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on Dec. 21 for what she later said was exhaustion. "Lots of sleep, movies and meals outside of airports will do wonders!"

Meanwhile, Lindsay is seemingly having a blast. Lohan was eating up all the attention, and at one point a young boy kisses Lindsay on the cheek and gets her blushing on the spot. She also ran into actress Chloe Sevigny from Big Love on the beach, and a young buck (who just happens to be her brother, Michael Lohan Jr.) also hung out with Linds. It's time to hop back on the horse Lindsay!