Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kate Winslet felt awkward in sex scenes with DiCaprio

Actress Kate Winslet was nervous during her sex scenes with actor Leonardo DiCaprio in the new movie "Revolutionary Road", with her husband Sam Mendes directing.

"Kate seemed very nervous. She kept on saying, 'This feels so weird'. I just told her, 'It doesn't feel weird to me - it's only acting'. Then Sam broke the tension by telling me how and where to hold Kate's bottom. He said, 'Put your hand here', showing me the position. After that, Kate just went for it, like the great actress she is. I can't think of anyone in the world of her generation who is better," thesun.co.uk reported DiCaprio as saying.

Dicaprio and Winslet became good friends ever since they starred together in "Titanic".

He said: "The director, Jim Cameron, had his own way of doing things and that was tough for us to get our heads around. That film had been his vision for years and he had to be in charge. We were young, inexperienced and were exhausted from filming. We only had each other and confided our feelings. It was never more than a close friendship - and that has lasted right up to today.

"Kate became one of my best friends and we've always been in touch. If we've not had a chance to meet, then we email each other. When I had the chance to work with her again in 'Revolutionary Road', I didn't have to think twice. I knew the script and I knew the scenes we were going to do in front of Sam. I just didn't think it was going to be a problem."