Sunday, October 31, 2010

Naked starlets encouraging sexting among Oz teens

Experts have warned that starlets who promote their naked photos and videos are encouraging teens in Australia to take up sexting.

Child education expert and former police officer Susan McLean, said parents and teachers are at a loss to explain the prevalence of sexting in schools.

But she believes the bombardment of naked photos and videos associated with starlets like Kim Kardashian, Lara Bingle and Vanessa Hudgens may be partly to blame.

"You can Google almost any celebrity these days and find a link to sex tape, and there is pressure on girls to confirm," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted her as saying.

"They are certainly not mimicking the behaviour of teachers and parents," she said.

She also said songs like Ke$ha's Dirty Picture, in which the pop star implores her lover to "take a dirty picture for me" may also contribute to the normalisation of nude photography among impressionable teens.

"The number one reason girls give for sending these pictures was to be fun or flirtatious. I don't think people have appreciated how these celebrity images have built up over time," McLean stated.

A YouTube campaign urging teens to "Think before sexting" was launched last month in Canberra showing the story of Megan, who sent images to her boyfriend, which were then handed around her classroom.

Home Affairs Minister Brendan O'Connor said it was one video he hoped teens would not keep to themselves.

"We want to make sure that it's distributed as far and wide as possible, schools and others will be encouraged to use this video," he added.

Friday, October 29, 2010

PETA offers to pay for Lindsay Lohan's rehab

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have offered to pay off actress Lindsay Lohan's rehab bill if she turns vegetarian.

Lohan is reportedly struggling to fund her treatment at the Betty Ford Center, reports

"We understand that you've fallen on tough economic times, so we're writing to you with an offer that we sincerely hope you'll consider," an official at PETA wrote in a mail to the actress.

"PETA will help pay your $50,000 bill for substance addiction treatment if you'll rid yourself of one more toxic substance: meat. As you know, a crucial part of any recovery is showing charity to others. One way to do this is to be kind to animals, the Earth, and your own body. You'll never regret it."

Lindsay, who voluntarily entered the facility last month, was told by the court that she must stay in rehab until Jan 3 and the troubled actress has been warned by Judge Elden Fox and her lawyer that this is her last chance at avoiding a long jail sentence.

Fox told the actress, who broke the terms of her probation when she failed two drugs tests for cocaine and amphetamines in September, she would face six months in prison if she provided another positive drugs test before her next court appearance.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Brand-Perry Break Sex Ban

Newlyweds Russell Brand and Katy Perry apparently ended their three week long sex ban after their wedding. The couple partied until 4 am after their big fat Indian jungle wedding. They then headed to their luxury private tent at the Aman-i-Khas hotel to break the sex ban, reports the Daily Star.

I Kissed A Girl singer Katy, refused to bed comic Russell, 35, before making their vows.

But their love will have to end early today as the King of Bhutan and his aides are due to arrive at the hotel.

But, despite the joyous scenes, bookies are already taking bets on how long the showbiz marriage will last.

William Hill is offering odds of 7-2 that it will be all over before the end of 2011.