Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Madonna Wanted to Sleep With Me

Former Yankee baseball star Jose Canseco claims that not only did Queen of Pop Madonna want to sleep with him, but that she wanted him to father her child.

Canseco revealed to Us magazine that Madonna begged him for 'some of his genes' so that she could give her daughter Lourdes a Cuban sibling.

"She had a Cuban child and wanted another one. She wanted to get married and have a child with me," he said.

Canseco recalls, "We went downstairs [at her house in the Hollywood Hills] and she came over and said, 'What would you do if I kissed you?' and then sat on my lap and kissed me."

And, he's claiming that Madge even offered to support him if he split with his wife.

"She said, 'I have lots of money. Don't worry about that,'" he reveals. Madonna is currently busy denying claims that she was having an affair with baseball star Alex Rodriguez.