Friday, August 04, 2006

British Actress Elizabeth Hurley Gidding Up!

Actress Elizabeth Hurley has got raunchy with a sexy
new print campaign for jordache Jeans.The 41 year
ols mum sports a whip and tight denim trouser in the
posters, set for launch next hurley recently revealed
she'd ditched her wardrobe skimpy outfit after hitting
40 last year but the steamy shots reveal no reason
for body neurosis.
Liz Berlinger,President of Jordache Enterprises,
says of the new spokesmodel,"With sucessas an actress,
model,bussiness women and mother,Liz represents
every thing the Jordache brand is about. We chose
her because she is the true modern women."


opiatedsherpa said...

Liz Hurley or Gwyneth Paltrow??