Saturday, August 26, 2006

Nude Britney Spears to Stimulate Tokyo

A nude photo of pregnant US pop singer Britney Spears was given the green light on Friday by a subway censorship board after being rejected for being too "stimulating".
The advertisement for the October issue of Harper's Bazaar features a nude and very pregnant Spears crossing her arms over her breasts was originally censored by subway operator Tokyo Metro Co.After a revision to the "stimulating" design that blacks out Spears from the waist down the subway operator deemed the advertisement as fit for commuters as it shows the joy of bearing a child."We decided to accept the photo as it is because it expresses maternal love and joy of bearing a child," the Tokyo Metro spokesman said. "By revising the design, the initial intention to convey the message is not served."The magazine intended to project the moment when women appear most elated in their lives, Keiko Murakami, publishing editor, said.After reluctantly accepting the censorship HB Japan said they would include a statement on the blackened portion explaining why the design was altered from the magazine cover.