Saturday, August 12, 2006

Batman to Fatman

He is perhaps best Known for playing comic book superhero Batman on screen-while off-screen he has dated the likes of Cindy Crawford. But where a six-pack once rippled on Val Kilmer's chest, now stands what looks more like a rather large beer belly. As he strode out of the sea after taking a dip near his home in California, there appeared to be a lot more to Kilmer than once met the eye. Eleven year ago things werevery different.
Kilmer, then 35,strode impressively onto ourcinema screens in a PVC bodysuit to battle the likes of Jim Carrey's The Riddler in 1995's Batman Forever. But by the look of Val on the beach this week, he might well struggle to
get into those same rubbers nowdays "theres'really nothing like a Hollywood star on the beach -and Val looked really nothing like a Hollywood star in the beach," an onlooker joked. "He had this heaving great belly hanging over his shorts and flabby arms. it just shows you how quikly a man can lose definition in his body when he gets into his 40s and lets himself go a bit."


Li3W wE1 Ji@n said...

lol........batman to fatman...hahahahahahahahaha