Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jordan slams Victoria Beckham and Kerry Katona

Katie Price a.k.a Jordan turned up at her perfume launch in a revealing thong and rather than emphasizing on her perfume she chose to take a pot shot at rivals Victoria Beckham and Kerry Katona.

Jordan, who is just back from a surgery after a boob job, wore a tiny thong at the launch of her new fragrance 'Besotted' and clawed Victoria and Katona with her bitter comments.

"I didn't want the perfume launch to be boring like Victoria Beckham's, Kelly Brook and the others, I saw Victoria in pictures wearing the white dress with a kind of furry thing on the back and I just thought shes on another night out," The Mirror quoted Jordan, as saying.

"I had no idea she was supposed to be promoting her new perfume. She didn't make any effort. She should have a bit more fun with it like I did," she added.

After taking potshots at Beckham and posing for the camera, Jordan hit back at Katona over her threats to publish a book about their relationship.

"How she can write anything about me is a joke. We met at the jungle, did two photo-shoots later, and possibly met a couple of times out of work," Jordan said.

"But that was a long time ago and she doesn't know anything about my life. Its sad. I hear Kerry needs the money. But she shouldn't show off and splash money on things she can't afford," she added.