Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My breasts have had a brilliant career: Pamela Anderson

Canadian actress Pamela Anderson has revealed that it was her boobs that had a career all along, and that she was there just for the ride.

From having appeared in movies and posed in some ads, to being the centerpiece in the Playboy magazine, Anderson sure thinks highly of her breasts.

"Apparently, I've nicknamed my breasts Pancho and Lefty. But that's just not true, sadly," the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

"In the flesh, I don't think they're that magnificent at all, but something happens when they appear on screen - it's like they expand or something.

"But that's it for them now, I think. I wouldn't get anything done to them again, because I tend to think about my health a lot more now than I ever did before.

"When I first got a boob job it was because everyone else was getting theirs done, and I didn't put a great deal of thought into the whole process.

"Then I got the implants removed after my divorce (from Lee) in a kind of 'I'll show him' way, except I really missed them myself, so I put them back in.

But all in all, I'd say they've had a pretty good career. I've basically been tagging along for the ride," she added.