Thursday, March 22, 2007

Britney is Financially Solid

Despite Britney reckless lifestyle, and the seven figure payout that she has reportedly agreed to as part of her divorce settlement with estranged husband Kevin Federline, Britney's financial health, at least, remains good, reports NY Daily News.

Britney current net worth is $100 million and, thanks to sound investments, growing by the second.

Her assets are managed by professionals and spread over separate companies such as Britney Touring, One More Time Music, Fairy Zone Productions and Britney Online.

Forbes magazine recently ranked Britney as the 12th-richest woman in entertainment.

Using Forbes research and documents drawn up by the legal team that prepared Britney's premarital agreement, NY Daily News estimates Britney's assets to include - $26.5 million in Music, $22.6 million worth of property and valuable, $21.6 million in endorsements, $16.7 million royalties on her perfume, skin-care goods and cosmetics, $6.5 million in TV, Movies and Magazines and $33.25 million cash in bank.

"She's a very wealthy woman and protected by an ironclad prenuptial agreement," says financial expert Lea Goldman, associate editor of Forbes magazine.

While there is little or no danger of a Britney bankruptcy, the chances that she will add to her huge wealth are real. A single new hit could rake in millions, converting the negative publicity as just publicity.