Monday, March 05, 2007

Avril Lavigne Dramatically Changed Now

Avril has revealed she’s amused when she remembers how she behaved during her teenage years.

Avril adopted a punkish skater look and attitude when she released her first album at the age of 18 in contrast to the sweet and innocent image favoured by most female teenage pop stars.

She said in a recent interview with Arena magazine: “When I look back now all I can think is, ‘God, I was such a s**t’.”

“I was such a tomboy, running around, getting in fights, hanging out with guys. In all my interviews I would have my head down and moodily just grunt an answer.”

“I look back and laugh now as I realise how much I’ve grown up. But that was my style back then, that was me.”

Avril unveiled a new “grown-up” image in 2005 to pursue acting and modelling work but added that she still likes to act out occasionally: “I like to have a good time, jump on tables and wreck things once in a while. When I drink, I am the party.”