Monday, March 05, 2007

Salma Hayek and Jennifer Aniston Award Winning For Boobs Take Honors

Salma Hayek and Jennifer Aniston know cleavage. While Jen's breasts made their way into the big time on television with her long stint on 'Friends', Salma has displayed her attributes mostly on the big screen. Hayek did however have a great scene earlier this year in 'Ugly Betty' in an elevator that brought her legendary cleavage in crystal clear high definition into the living rooms of many Americans.

Now the girls' girls are getting some much deserved recognition. According to Mr. Skin Salma Hayek claimed the 'best breasts' prize for her topless scene in 'Ask the Dust' while Aniston's post-shower scene in 'The Break Up' earned her the Best PG-13 Nude Scene honor.

Both are certainly worthy. The Gossip Girls note that Kelly Brook, 27, won Best Skinny Dip for her nude part in ‘Three,’ which co-starred real-life lover Billy Zane. Other winners include “Nip/Tuck” guest star Brooke Shields for Best Plumber’s Crack, and Monique Coleman from “Dancing with the Stars” for Best Wardrobe Malfunction.

More honors: The uber hot Emmanuelle Chriqui gets the best 'threesome award for her ménage scene with Malin Ackerman and Kevin Connelly on "Entourage" And where would we be without being 'shocked.'