Monday, March 26, 2007

Pamela Anderson Sparks Mega Boobs in Australia

The bodacious Pamela Anderson who appeared in the film Borat has sparked a trend among Australian women to get massive breasts like the actress, according to local plastic surgery practices. This trend has led to Australian plastic surgeons needing to import mega-size 1000ml implants from the only available country for such sized implants, the United States (and we thought the US does not make export anything anymore).

The average implant size for the Coast surgery has increased from 280ml to 375ml in the past five years, and models with 400ml implants have recently sought surgery to double the size.

“In the last four to six months I’ve noticed a rapid increase in size. The trend for women having breast augmentation is to go large. Our patients believe bigger is better,” says Pamela Noon from the International Surgery Group.

Among the factors leading to the surge in mega size breast implants in Australia is the fact that many patients following surgery regretted not having chosen a bigger size. For this reason, Noon caution patients about rethinking their size so they do not have regrets later. “We’re now encouraging them to think very carefully about their size.” The second factor leading patients to choose mega-size implants is due to society’s acceptance and shifting aesthetic tastes where women find Pamela Anderson’s breasts attractive (most men would not argue with that), as opposed to being “freak” like.

Pamela Anderson
shot to fame after appearing in Playboy pictorials in the early 1990s with massive breasts. Anderson later stunned the world by removing her breast implants in 1999 and leaving everyone wondering how Anderson’s fame will be maintained without her implants. Anderson later re-augmented herself in 2005 to her old mega breast proportions, and strutted her stuff topless in Playboy, Stuff, and GQ magazines.

It was only a matter of time before Pamela Anderson’s breasts would become the status quo for society, with women (and men alike) viewing them as something normal. To Pamela Anderson’s credit, she is a boon for the United States Economy by boosting the number of exports of massive 1000ml implants to other countries such as Australia.


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