Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Paris Hilton's birthday party leaves her in tears

Paris Hilton was left in tears at her own birthday party after her close friend's outrageous behaviour saw him ejected.

The socialite was celebrating her 26th birthday at Beverly Hills¡¯ Prime Grill restaurant with a number of pals when a clearly inebriated Brandon Davis started insulting her guests.

According to The Sun, he started by mocking American Idol judge Paula Abdul's Syrian ancestory, then proceeded to "hurl flowers and pieces of foam at her" before "speaking gibberish in an Arabic accent".

The oil magnate's son ¨C who famously helped Hilton insult their former pal Lindsay Lohan ¨C then turned his attentions on rocker Courtney Love, who had come along with her daughter Frances Bean.

An onlooker reports, "He lifted her up so she was straddling his waist. Her dress was riding up as he made lewd suggestions and simulated sex in front of her daughter."

With Courtney disappearing off into the night, Brandon was soon following her after he followed up by "lunging" at Paris' Chopard diamond necklace.

Davis, who was forced into rehab last year by his mega-rich family, was dragged out by security ¨C leaving Paris in floods of tears.