Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Paris Hilton’s Mysterious White Powder

Courtney Love was at Paris Hilton’s 26th birthday party recently, and on her website reported spotting a “mountain” of “white powder” in the restaurant bathroom, before taking down the claim later.

The Daily Mirror is reporting that the post on Courtney’s website included Courtney saying: “I went into the bathroom and there was a mountain of – gee, well – it was powder and it was white. Wonder if it was sugar?”

The paper reports that last night (Tuesday March 6) Courtney’s people denied the post had ever appeared, and there is no evidence of the post today, though photos of Courtney and her daughter Frances Bean at the party are still up

The publication also reveals details of the after party that took place at Paris’ home.

On entering, guests were given silver pens to sign messages on a giant portrait of Paris. In the living room - as well as another huge portrait of Paris - there was also a full sized lap dancing pole for Paris to show off her infamous ‘moves’, and another massive portrait of the heiress in the dining room.

So what were the Paris sleeping quarters like? Unfortunately we may never find out, as security guards prevented all but Paris’ inner circle from venturing upstairs.