Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Superman Returs Towards Movies

Does the Superman still live on?

Superman Returs actor Brandon routh may not

believe that the Man of Steel is Jinxed, But Director
Bryan Singer Firmly Belives that there is enough Evidence
in the past to suggest that a curse surrounds the character.
routh has laughed off suggestions he is destined for personal
tragedy,Because a 'curse' has befallen the Star of Previous
movies Based on Superhero.Theorists have drawn up evidence
of a superman curse after the riding accident which paralysed
late big screen superman Christopher Revee.and previous TV
Men of steel George Revees and Kirk Alyn lived forever in the shadow
of their TV careers as Superman, Unable to Find Work and Driven
To Early Graves By Drink. Now Singer Warms the Jinx Lived on During
filming of latest Flick, claiming that one crew member was mugged,
another fell and a third went through a window during the shooting.