Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hurley Plans Two More Children

Model/actress ELIZABETH HURLEY plans to start a family immediately after her wedding to Indian millionaire ARUN NAYAR, and has already promised her four-year-old son DAMIAN a little brother and sister.

The couple are set to tie the knot in a lavish star-studded ceremony in India in March next year (07), but the AUSTIN POWERS actress is looking further into the future.

And has already picked out names for her future kids - albeit with a little help from her son's favourite cartoon, SCOOBY DOO.

She says, "Damian is obsessed with me having another child. He wants a girl named DAPHNE and a boy called FRED.

"He talks about it every day, saying, 'Mummy, when you put Daphne in the school next door to mine, will Fred grow into my clothes?'" However, the youngster - from Hurley's previous relationship with American film producer STEPHEN BING - will have to wait a little bit longer, as the 41-year-old wants to look her best for the nuptials.