Friday, December 15, 2006

Nicole Jealous Over Britney And Paris

Britney Spears is reportedly the 'driving force' behind Nicole Richie's jealousy towards BFF Paris Hilton.

According to Star magazine, the super skinny socialite is upset that she has not been invited on Hilton and Spears' late night, underwear-less benders and feels like she has been forgotten about.

Richie, who still seems to be getting out of the house and partying enough to be arrested for DUI, has allegedly been complaining to friends that she doesn't see enough of her "Simple Life" co-star anymore.

A 'friend' of Richie's tells the magazine, "Paris never asks Nicole to join them! It hurts Nicole - especially with all they have been through."

The source adds that any public appearance Richie and Hilton make is for publicity for their reality TV show, which was the rumored reason behind the reunion in the first place.

The source continues, "Paris tells Nicole she still loves her; but she doesn't have any time for her."

However a friend of Hilton's has come to the heiress' defense, painting a mother-hen picture of the skimpy-dress loving, hard partying blonde.

Despite Richie's weight woes and recent arrest, the "Stars Are Blind" singer tells friends, "Britney needs (her) more than Nicole does right now."