Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pamela Anderson the Perfect Accessory

Pamela Anderson has been turning heads for the last fifteen years and women across Europe will soon be able to do the same with the launch of her first ever accessories range.

Known for her sense of fashion and glamorous lifestyle Pamela Anderson has provided creative input to design a collection of bags and belts under the name The Pamela Anderson Collection working closely with Rawhide Accessories (the European brand license holder).

Two of the three ranges take inspiration from Pamelas famous history with Winter Beach reflective of her carefree days on the Californian coast, whilst the more upbeat Star has a strong rock influence, taking its inspiration from her Barb Wire days.

Sensuality, the third sub-range, closely reflects the Pamela Anderson of today a curvaceous, sexy icon who is independent, free-spirited and successful in everything she does.

Pamela Anderson is a shining beacon to women everywhere. She is a strong woman, successful in her own right, a mother, a campaigner for charity whilst remaining a global superstar.

The three sub-ranges that create The Pamela Anderson Collection cover off different looks from the party girl who wants to look sexy, to the babe who wants something for everyday use.

As an animal lover, Pamela has made a positive decision not to use real leather on any of the products.

Pamela Anderson commented: I love bags and belts so much that I decided to make my own. My collection suits my ever-changing lifestyle so when I want to let off some steam I pick something from Star and when I want to relax with my man I wear something from Sensuality. and often not much else!

Rawhide Accessories are interested in developing relationships with a select number of retailers to stock The Pamela Anderson Collection delivered in store by Oct 05.

Malcolm Dyl, managing director of Rawhide Accessories said: We have had a lot of fun working with Pamela on this range and retail interest is high. We will be supporting the launch with a strong media campaign to help get it off the ground.