Friday, January 05, 2007

Justin Timberlake dating Scarlett Johansson?

'SexyBack' singer Justin Timberlake has his eye on actress Scarlett Johansson reports gossip columnist Janet Charlton .

Justin Timberlake recently cast Scarlett Johansson- who recently separated (from Josh Hartnett) - to play the female lead in his new music video for What Goes Around (Comes Around) Perez Hilton reports.
That shoot wrapped last week, but the pair have continued to spend time reports that Scarlett Johansson attended the after-party for the premiere of Timberlake's new movie, Alpha Dog, Wednesday night at Social Hollywood in Los Angeles.

Justin and Scarlett seemed totally into each other, chatting intimately for a good solid hour at the after-party - before his mom, Lynn Harless joined in the coversation – and then hit the dance floor with her son to the Jackson 5's "ABC."

Earlier that night, the lucky lady on Justin Timberlake's arm at Wednesday's Hollywood premiere of his new movie Alpha Dog was his mom, Lynn Harless, People reports

Later, while Timberlake hung out with some of his Alpha Dog costars, including Emile Hirsch, Shawn Hatosy, Ben Foster and Olivia Wilde, Harless and Johansson talked until the club closed at 2 a.m., when Timberlake and his mother took off through the private back exit.

Earlier in the week , Star reported that Timberlake ended his relationship with Cameron Diaz.

Timberlake - who is nine years younger than the 34-year-old
'Charlie's Angels' actress - has allegedly been telling friends that the
couple's three-and-a-half year relationship is over.
According to America's Star magazine, Justin told friends while he was
partying at Memphis nightclub Senses during the Christmas holidays: "Me and
Cameron? We're done."
It had been thought the couple would spend Christmas together but while
Justin spent it with his family in Memphis, Cameron was seen alone at
Colorado ski resort Vail Mountain.
While in his hometown, the pop heartthrob was seen on several occasions in
the company of a former high school sweetheart of his - 25-year-old blonde
real estate agent Veronica Finn.
Gossip columnist Janet Charlton claims a source at a Los Angeles New Year's Eve party told her:
"Justin and Cameron broke up almost two weeks ago. I reckon he'll hook up
with Scarlett Johansson. They've been getting to know each other."

The singer then spent New Year's Eve (31.12.06) at actress Kate Hudson's
house party, which was held at her Los Angeles home.
Justin and Cameron were, however, seen together in Los Angeles a few days
after Christmas but told reporters they "do not comment on their personal


cyrine trabelsi said...

i hate scarlett johansson because she's such a bitch*. cameron hates her also, so we're very together on that. i luv cameron. scarlett had josh hartnett, which was obviously not enough for her, so she jumps on to justin. she formly also went out with another of cameron's x's, so she's like on top of her everywhere and with everyone. she's like stealing her things from her.she needs to get beeten up. she deserves that josh cheated on her with one of his film stars. you fugkie biatch.

kirsten aitken said...

LOL .. what are you, 15? celebrities don't beat other celebrities up. that's highschool shit. sorry to say, but you need to grow up. scarlett did nothing wrong. she had always liked justin, and if he put her in his video, then HE wanted to. HE was the one who ended things with cameron. not scarlett. she's a damn good actor too, you don't know the celebrity personally, so i don't reccomend you call her a bitch online. i don't mind cameron, but i sure as hell know that justin is almost 10 years younger, thats kinda disgusting.