Thursday, January 04, 2007

Paris Hilton Fools BritBrit with Cigarette Fib

Britney Spears wants to make sure she has still got it going on - both in appearance and in the bedroom.

BritBrit was tricked by Paris Hilton into thinking she had jeopardized her chances of ever having an orgasm again.

While the two 25-year-olds were partying at Los Angeles club Area, the pop princess lit the filter end of her cigarette which flared up as she inhaled. Paris then apparently told her it would damage her ability to climax.

A source revealed to the National Enquirer magazine, "Paris told Britney, 'Oh my God! Don't you know that lighting a cigarette the wrong way and inhaling stops the blood flow to your private parts, and doing it more than once means you may never experience orgasm again!'"

The source continued, "Britney was horrified and ran around for about ten minutes asking everyone if they had ever heard that and what she should do about it. Finally Paris stopped giggling and told Britney it was a joke, saying, 'I had you going, didn't I?'

The pop starlet then slapped her friend on the arm and they had a play fight.