Monday, January 01, 2007

Paris Hilton goes incognito Down Under

Paris Hilton loves the limelight. However, while in the land Down Under, she apparently decided to try out the incognito experience, and even donned a brunette wig for a night out on the town.

Paris, who is currently vacationing in Australia, has made no attempts to shun the shutterbugs while taking a public shower in a tiny string bikini at Bondi beach, having lunch at upmarket Otto at Woolloomooloo or spending an afternoon visiting the children's ward at Royal North Shore Hospital.

However, the Hilton hotel heiress decided to try something new when out for a night of partying at nightspot Hugo's on Friday, Dec 29.

She covered up her blonde locks with an inconspicuous brunette wig that made her look just like a lot of other ladies at the party.

Now, Insiders believe that the wig was only a trick to get on-again-off-again boyfriend Stavros Niarchos’ attention, and to seduce him without any distractions.

"Stavros was getting around, working the room and chatting to a lot of other women. You got the feeling Paris is chasing him rather than the other way around,'' the Daily Telegraph quoted a source, as saying.

Whatever Paris’ intentions, it seems that the ruse worked really well, for a lot of people, including the photographers, had no idea she was at the nightclub.

"A lot of people just didn't know she was there. People at the party realized who she was, while the photographers thought she must have gone in a back door. But Paris Hilton never does back doors,'' a guest said.

"She was hard to recognize - she didn't stand out at all, there were other girls who had the same look,'' another guest added.