Monday, January 08, 2007

Timberlake Dumps Mother For Scarlett Johansson?

Nobody really knows what's going on with Justin Timberlake at the moment. Just a few weeks ago he was happily together with Cameron Diaz in a relationship that looked like it'd go on forever, but now he's been spotted out with all sorts of ladies.

Now it seems the latest object of Justin Timberlake's affections is none other than Scarlett Johansson, the star of Lost In Translation and probably a few other films. Rumours are now circulating that Justin Timberlake may have dumped Cameron Diaz for Scarlett Johansson, which confuses us as we thought that Justin Timberlake and Justin Timberlake's mother were a couple now. But who can blame Justin for ditching his mother in favour of Scarlett Johansson; we've always assumed that loving relationships generally work better if a boy's girlfriend didn't used to lactate into his mouth two decades ago.

If you're Justin Timberlake, things move fast. One minute you're doing normal boy/girl things with Cameron Diaz, like constantly denying marriage and saving each other from certain death. Then, before you know it, you've made all your 'not splitting up' statements look a bit stupid by actually splitting up with Cameron Diaz and hitting the town with your Mum instead.

But nobody could have expected Justin Timberlake to stay single for long. After all, Justin Timberlake is the most desirable man in the world thanks to his sympathetic telephone manner, his willingness to sing with idiots and his habit of yanking girls' bras off when everyone is looking. So who could be surprised at the news that Justin Timberlake has got his eyes set on Scarlett Johansson, the girl with the best bazzers in the world.