Wednesday, February 14, 2007

KateWinslet slams skinny celebs for spawning 'generation of anorexics'

British actress Kate Winslet has slammed super-skinny celebs for spawning a "whole new generation of anorexics".

In an interview to Good Housekeeping magazine, the 'Titanic' star slammed women with size-zero waistlines, for she said that they were the reason why an increasing number of women were developing eating disorders, just so they could get that perfect figure.

"It seems to me that (Hollywood) is breeding a whole new generation of anorexics. I look at people and I want to say 'Look, it's alright you can eat something'" the Daily Mail quoted her, as telling the mag.

Winslet also admitted that she's aware of the fact that some women see her as her role model because she's proud of her 'normal shape', and insisted that she was not going to give up on food because she wants to be skinny.

"I think I have become something of a role model because I came out and said: 'Hey, I've got a normal shape'...It's important for me to stand by the fact that I eat real food and am not on a diet everyday," she said.

Winslet, who admits that she 'notices' when she's eating or drunk a bit too much, insisted that she didn't intentionally avoid foods as most weight-obsessed celebs.

"I just don't worry about my weight anymore. I notice it, if I've enjoyed a Christmas vacation and I have had too many glasses of champagne or too many canapes. But I don't avoid anything and I am not a fanatic," the five-time Oscar nominee insisted.