Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nude Madonna and Ritchie Portrait Sale for 15000 Pounds

Singer Madonna and her husband Ritchie, film director Guy Ritchie, are once again the subjects of artist Peter Howson's work -- much to their dismay.

The new painting depicts an extremely muscular Madonna lying naked on a bed with Ritchie laying his hand on her thigh, also grotesquely muscled, The Sunday Times of London reported.

This is the third painting Howson has put the couple in. It was reportedly done as a provocation toward Ritchie.

Matthew Flowers, Howson's dealer, said Ritchie was unhappy about the two earlier paintings from 2002, which also showed the singer nude.

"Peter is a bit obsessed with Madonna. There are strong rumours that Guy was very jealous of the earlier pictures he'd painted of her and wanted to knock Peter's block off," Flowers said.

In the recent painting, the blonde singer reclines bare on a green drape, gazing at her artist, and next to her is a bald lover, pawing her flawless flesh.