Saturday, May 26, 2007

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Fan of Paris Hilton’s Sex Tape

Making a sexy home video with your significant other can be risky business. You never know whose hands it will fall into. In Paris Hilton’s case, the Governor of her home state of California has even seen her in action. And we don’t mean chase scenes.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has no shame about his knowledge of Paris’ exploits on home video. During a recent appearance on the Jay Leno Show he told the late night host, “I’ve heard from someone that she said somewhere she isn’t even a fan of mine and she has never seen any of my movies, I’ve seen all of hers.”

In legendary Arnold form, he followed up with the observation, “Obviously we both do action movies.” The crowd went wild, and I’m sure his wife, Maria Shriver, cringed. But when you’re the Governor of California, there isn’t much that’s out of bounds.

The Governator claims that he was never approached about a pardon for the heiress. He called the whole ordeal “ridiculous.”

Meanwhile, Paris was recently spotted at the Buddhist bookstore, Bodhi Tree, in Hollywood.

As pointed out by The Superficial, “Apparently her lawyers have told her to ‘live like a nun’ if she has any chance of evading jail - so she’s taken this to mean getting photographed with as many religious books as possible.”

The heiress has also allegedly told friends she’s quitting her drinking and partying and “has even replaced her skimpy outfits with a new demure look.”

If these latest tactics fail her – Paris will begin serving her time behind bars on June 5th.