Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Paris Hilton Needs to Watch Out for Lesbians in Jail

Hotel heiress, Paris Hilton, should be on her guard in the LA facility where she might end up serving her sentence, for the place is said to have “very masculine lesbians” who get physical with inmates when they are having a group shower.A woman, who visited her mother in the same facility, said that the place is bad, and predicts that the heiress will have a tough time if she ends up there.“This place is bad.

Paris is not going to make it,” the Sun quoted her, as saying.The ‘Simple Life’ star who will embark on her sentence next month for driving on a suspended license, has also been warned against acting like a pampered princess.Another person, Denise Chavis, whose sister is serving her term at the facility, said that if Hilton acts like a high class, she ‘is done’.“If you act like you’re all high-class and uppity, you’re done,” Chavis said.Hilton is said to be devastated after a Los Angeles Superior Court judge sentenced her to prison.“She is devastated and terrified about going to jail. She goes from sobbing to fury,” a pal said.Speaking to cameramen outside her home, Hilton said that the sentence is cruel and unwarranted, and that she told the truth."I told the truth yesterday.

I feel that I was treated unfairly," Hilton said.