Friday, August 24, 2007

Dannii Minogue dogged by more lesbian pics

AUSTRALIAN pop singer Dannii Minogue is embroiled in a new sex scandal involving an old video of her kissing a bald lesbian.

The images showing Minogue kissing and hugging the woman have been posted on the YouTube website.

The Daily Star newspaper reported that the video was shot to promote Minogue's single, Everlasting Night, which was recorded for a Mardi Gras event in Australia eight years ago.

"She made the video for a Gay Pride event, because she believes very strong that people should be able to love whoever they want," an unnamed source told the newspaper.

"She won't be happy to discover people are using it to try to encourage lesbian rumours."

A caption shown with the video on the YouTube website says: "I knew Dannii was a bit racy, but this is very steamy for a pop video".

"It will win her new fans, but it doesn't put those lesbian rumours to bed."

The latest scandal facing Minogue comes a day after she lashed out at "creepy" people for posting raunchy photos of her with a female lapdancer on the internet.

Minogue last weekend began her new role as a host on hit British TV talent show X Factor.

She has co-hosted a similar program in her native country called Australia's Got Talent.