Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lindsay Lohan was the Family Cash Cow

Lindsay Lohan's former bodyguard has revealed that her parents have to be blamed for the starlet's bad behaviour, for both Michael and Dina Lohan ‘were wild, abusive, neglectful partiers'.

Tony Almeida, who worked with the Mean Girls star between 2002-2005, has opened the lid on how she had to deal with her parent's alcohol and drug related abuses from a young age.

"From a young age, she dealt with her father's physical, emotional and drug abuses as well as her mother's drinking,” the New York Post quoted him, as saying.

Citing one incident, he said that once a furious Michael Lohan had ‘slammed on the brakes and dragged her out of the car, pushed her up against the hood, screamed at her and called her a slut on the Long Island Expressway.'

Almeida ‘got in the middle of it and pulled him off.'

“(Meanwhile, Dina often) let her do whatever she wanted, just to keep her happy and working... [At her 16th birthday party] Lindsay drank whatever she wanted - I saw her drinking beer and mixed drinks with my own eyes [without Dina's intervention],” he added.

The ex-bodyguard also said that Dina looked at the starlet as a cash cow. Dina was desperate to become a star herself and received 10 percent of Lindsay's income.

"Lindsay was the family cash cow - and she resented it, They counted on her to pay their bills... I saw Lindsay exhausted, begging her mother for some time off,' he said.

When Lohan was 15, they allowed her to share a room with her dthen boyfriend Aaron Carte, for they were glad that she found someone who could help her in her singing career.

"They knew Lindsay was sleeping in Aaron's room. But they seemed happy she had chosen somebody who could benefit her singing career,” he added.