Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fashion Week makes Carmen Electra camera shy

It has to be the first time Carmen Electra didn't want her picture taken.

She "performed" at Tuesday's 2(x)ist Fashion Week show, posing on a hoop that was suspended a death-defying 2 feet off the catwalk.

But photographers covering the show were surprised with a contract insisting that they could not take pictures of her, on peril of a $25,000 fine. Sole rights for video were assigned to Wire Image, and for stills to Michael Simon - who just happens to be the brother of Electra's manager, Stephanie Simon.

"Carmen is known for being very gracious to photographers," Electra's rep responded. "It is not unusual to request approval over photos being shot of a performance, and we requested the [lensmen] who Carmen was most comfortable with. The media was invited backstage to interview and shoot Carmen after the performance."