Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hallmark Take Away Paris Hilton's Hotness

Last Thursday, Paris Hilton filed suit in a U.S. District Court in Los Angeles against Hallmark for the card company’s use of her likeness and her trademarked catch phrase, “That’s hot,” on a greeting card. Those creative geniuses at Crown Center pissed off Paris’ people when they started selling a $2.49 card with a cartoon captioned “Paris’ First Day as a Waitress.” Hilton’s face is superimposed over the face of a waitress, who is handing food to a patron and explaining, “That’s hot.”

Hilton has a trademark on those two words. The registered them in 2006 (claiming that she first used the phrase “that’s hot” on September 20, 2006) for use on her line of men’s and women’s clothing.

Hilton seeks $500,000 in punitive damages resulting from an invasion of her privacy and misappropriation of her image, and wants to prevent Hallmark from using her likeness ever again. Hilton’s lawsuit contends that Hallmark is diluting the value of her catchphrase and image, and infringing on her ability to use it for commercial gain.