Saturday, September 01, 2007

Pamela Fantasizes about Underwater Bondage

Pamela Anderson has revealed she fantasizes about underwater bondage.

The former 'Baywatch' star - famous for playing lifeguard CJ - is currently starring as magician Hans Klok's assistant and loves the new underwater trick in their Las Vegas show.

Pamela said on her official website: "Things are better than ever. The show is going well. We're rehearsing an underwater illusion - my fantasy finally!"

The 40-year-old busty blonde is currently dating the 38-year-old Dutch magician.

Pamela said of their relationship: "There's a lot of love backstage. It's very physical. Very loving."

Hans added: "You call it dating. We call it physical."

Meanwhile, Pamela has denied she is set to open her own chain of casinos.

She said: "Lots of Vegas business but no casino right now - that was a rumor. But there are plenty of fun possibilities that are even better."