Sunday, February 24, 2008

Paris Hilton paid more than $1million to party

Socialite Paris Hilton is reportedly paid more than a MILLION dollars by a nightclub to party there throughout the year.

According to U.S. reports, Paris gets paid “upward of $1.2 million a year to host parties and show up” at Las Vegas club Pure.

Another top club, LAX, then reportedly pays her “a hefty six-figure sum every time she shows up” while she also gets big money for other public appearances.

One insider said: “It’s truly an amazing phenomenon. No-one really knows how Paris got so famous in the first place, but now she is so famous she makes millions just to turn up and party. It’s crazy.”

Both Pure and LAX deny paying Paris. But she has long been rumoured to make her real living from paid appearances, which is why her brief exile from the club scene after her stint in jail was so tough for her.

Respected U.S. gossip column Page Six said: “We always wondered how Paris Hilton makes money.

“Sure, she ’stars’ in a movie every now and then, she’s made an album, has a fragrance and a shoe line - but all of those bombed badly.

“Now, we hear her real income comes courtesy of Las Vegas clubs.”