Friday, April 11, 2008

Madonna Regrets Posing Naked For Sex Book

While she's known as a raunchy pop star, Madonna claims that she was actually a "geek" and "very straight" at the beginning of her career. The soon to be 50 superstar, claims that she was a simpleton in her 20s—at the time when she hit the pop scene clad in basques and black lace and married hell raising actor Sean Penn.

"I really was not getting up to much. I don't think I was as naughty as I could have been. I was quite straight. I was a geek when I was that age. I did not really do that much that was interesting," the Daily Express quoted her, as saying.

Talking about her early hit 'Like A Virgin', she said: "There is a kind of simplicity about it. There is an innocence about it. When I look at the video I also see a girl who is innocent and wide-eyed and really excited about life and the beginning of her career."

However, when it comes to her raunchy book 'Sex', which was released when she was at the height of her fame in 1992 and in which she posed in bare essentials, Madonna claims that she is not just about shedding clothes.

"I hope that's not the only thing that I'm identified with - taking off my clothes. I have done other things. There's a lot more to being Madonna than taking off your clothes," she said.