Monday, December 29, 2008

Lohans dad warns her girlfriend against putting bad influence on her

Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohans father Michael has asked her lesbian lover Samantha Ronson to refrain from putting bad influence on his daughter, otherwise he will publicize her loopholes.

This comes after Lindsay Lohan stated on her blog that she was deeply devastated over the fact that Michael fathered a love child behind her mothers back.

However, Michael is not ready to believe that it is his daughter who criticized him on the blog, instead he is more than convinced it is Samantha, who wrote it.

He further threatened Samantha that he has extremely embarrassing evidence against her, and would make it public if she tried to influence Lohan against him.

“If one more blog or statement is made people will know the entire truth. I will release e-mails, texts, depositions and audio tapes that will prove everything I have been saying all along. If Sam wants to play, I am ready. But she better be ready too!” Contactmusic quoted him as saying.