Monday, February 14, 2011

Kate Moss Wreaks Havoc in Sex Shop

Kate Moss is never without a trailing controversy behind her – the supermodel recently entered a London sex shop, drunk, and after announcing to the clerk that she was “so horny”, proceeded to buy seven sex toys before sniffing some poppers.

Despite rumours that she was going to cut back on alcohol and partying, the supermodel was still living up to her notorious reputation yesterday.

After getting blind drunk with several girlfriends, Kate stumbled into a sex shop in London's Soho where she reportedly demanded a different toy for each day of the week and bought seven mini vibrators.

“She started squirting strawberry-flavour lube all over the place and playing with a big black sex toy. She was hitting the side of her face with it. Then she put her mouth over it, simulating oral sex, and rubbed it up and down after smothering it with lube,” the Daily Telegraph quoted an onlooker as telling News of The World.

Kate then proceeded to sniff some poppers before passing out on the floor and then repeating the process after regaining consciousness.