Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Britney Jumps Bail

Britney Spears, arrested again for letting her 2 year old drive a Mercedes Benz without a license escaped from jail and disappeared briefly before bounty hunters tracked her down outside an east LA adult bookstore, cuffed her and drove her and her 2 year old back to LAPD headquarters for re-booking. Spears, mother of Kfed's son surrendered without incident. Britney upon re-arrest said,

"I didn't break out of jail, they left the cell door almost open. All I did was pick the lock, knock out the guards, steal the keys and head out in my Mercedes and NO my son wasn't driving this time although I did let him honk the horn and take the wheel for a couple of blocks at the corner of Wilshire and Main."

Media star, Dog the Bounty hunter himself behind bars sources say was not in on the bust but one friend of his, Woof the Bounty Hunter was lucky enough to catch up with Spears, NOT at a crotchless pantie shop but a simple adult bookstore on the east side of LA. Woof told reporters,

"After she busted out of jail me and my partner tracked her down around midnight to the East LA's House of Pure Sin'n. Mz Spears before we apprehended her was there in the crotchless section of the store. After me and my partner watched a couple of DVD's in the back room (for law enforcement purposes) we apprehended Spears and her son, drove them back to jail."

Spears (and her son) now free on $180,000 bond thanks to Paris Hilton vows to head home and cook some rock'n cabbage and ham hocks for her and her son just as soon as former ex-hubbie Kevin (Kfed) vacates the premises, finds gainful employment and leaves and her Mercedes driving son the "heck" alone.