Friday, December 15, 2006

Paris Hits Back At Cocaine Rumours

Paris Hits Back At Cocaine Rumours Paris Hilton has hit back at reports a suspicious white substance that appeared in her nose, when she was photographed in New York City this week (beg11Dec06), was cocaine.

The New York Post printed a photo of the socialite and suggested that there was a suspicion of white powder in one nostril.

The shot was taken after Hilton and friend Brandon Davis had enjoyed a lunch together and were leaving in her car.

Hilton's representative Elliot Mintz slams the rumours saying, "They asked me if Paris was using cocaine. I explained that she does not use narcotics.

"They asked what the substance could have been. I explained that I was not there... so I offered some possible explanations."

Mintz insists Hilton won't be asking the newspaper for a retraction at this point, but added she might consider suing them in the future.