Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Jackie Chan to produce 10 films in China

Jackie Chan said on his Web site Tuesday that he has a new film company in China.

"I just started a company in China and I will be producing 10 films," Chan said on his official Web site.

The action star, who is currently filming "Rush Hour 3" said he plans to use vacation time to scout talent and ideas for the 10 projects.

"I need to meet the new directors. I need to read the screenplays and listen to ideas for more screenplays. I need to look at director reels to hire more directors for this big project," he said.

Chan also said he is scheduled to make a commercial with retired boxer George Foreman in China, but didn't give details.

Chan has continued to make Chinese-language movies alongside his Hollywood films. He recently released the action comedy "Rob-B-Hood," about a group of kidnappers who have a change of heart after stealing a baby and don't turn him over to their employers.